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  Bug report - Crash playing tunnel Mon, 15 July 2013 14:51
I was playing a solo game on the Switzerland map. I had 3 tunnels and 2 greens, plus some other cards, in my hand. I dragged one of the tunnels from my hand and dropped it on the Wassen-Bellinzona route. As soon as I dropped the card, my hand disappeared, and the game stopped. No cards were drawn, there was no animation of the train pieces being placed on the board, the scores did not update, and it was impossible to continue the game. However the buttons in the top left still responded, so I was able to quit the game normally.

I imagine the problem was caused by the game not knowing what colour to take from my hand for the 4th card, since Wassen-Bellinzona is grey.

I wanted to use up my 3 tunnel cards, so I intended to play 3 tunnels and 1 green, and then play the other green if an extra card was needed. But if I had used a green card on the route, the game would have interpreted that as playing 2 greens and 2 tunnels, so if no further card was needed I would still be left with 1 tunnel. So I used a tunnel, and it crashed. Sad

Maybe you could introduce a way to manually select the cards to be played?
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