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Future Expansions Mon, 29 July 2013 01:20
Whilst I understand the kickstarter project is taking up a lot of the now and near future, are any expansions in development at all.
Also as a sub point, could possible expansions be designed by the community, I read somewhere the creator has full rights, is this true, and can we see anything more from this franchise.
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Re:Future Expansions Sun, 04 August 2013 10:35
Yes, there will be additional expansions. Though we typically don't pre-announce them until ready, the next ones will be Kickstarter-related ones, such as the 6 player map expansion for SW/SWU.

We will post more details when ready.

Erik Uitdebroeck
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Re:Future Expansions Thu, 08 August 2013 20:58
Good news, Eric.
Thanks for that.
I can't hardly wait.
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