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Unused relics and places from Realms -- Suggestion Tue, 08 October 2013 16:21
Hello all

Here are some suggestions for the unused tokens in Realms. What do you think? Too strong? Weak? All comments and suggestions are welcome!

The Champion's Effigy (Statue)
You can place the Effigy on a frontier separating two regions you own, along with as many tokens as you wish. The tokens defend both regions at once. If they are vanquished once, one is sent to the tray as usual, the others retreat to the second region with the Effigy . You lose the Effigy if the second region is conquered.

The Mill of Plenty (Mill)
All regions around the Mill are worth +1/2 VP rounded up to whoever occupies them, and the Mill's region itself is worth 1 bonus VP.

Sir Knifelot's tomb (Crypt)
You found the valorous knight Knifelot's tomb containing his enchanted armor. Once per turn, use it to conquer a region. On that conquest, each token you use is worth double its normal strength. The region is immune until the armor moves away.

The hungering skull (Skull)
Put the yeti on the side of the board. Each turn you feed the skull by placing it in a freshly conquering active region, you can place the yeti on any region you wish, and move it before each opponent's turn. The yeti renders the region immune. If you conquer no regions, or only declined regions, put the yeti on the side of the board.

The queen's heart (Necklace, almost same as previous post)
Once per turn, you can do a conquest using the queen's heart. Instead of sending the opponent's token to the tray (or giving it back if it is immortal), you spare it and keep it on your region. it now gives you +1 vp per turn, and acts as +1 defence. If that region is conquered, you get all your tokens back. Concerning the spared token, if the attackers belong to the same race, they get it back. If not, the token is sent to the tray too.

And since I find that the Rusted Throne needs a particular placement, i.e. it wouldn't work if it popped up in the middle of nowhere, here is an alternative rule!

The rusted throne
Command your subjects from an (almost) brand new throne. Each turn, throw the die.
If you get 0 pips, the taxes are in. Get 1 bonus VP.
If you get 1,2 or 3 pips, you ordered reinforcements from afar. Take 1,2 or 3 tokens from the tray (if none are available, take them from an unused race
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