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Anyone getting rid of their Be Not Afraid storage tray? Mon, 21 October 2013 13:52
Hello there

I am interested in getting a Be Not Afraid tray. Do you have one for sale? I would be very interested in buying it if you think of getting rid of it! It would fit the Royal Bonus plus my personal expansion!



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Re:Anyone getting rid of their Be Not Afraid storage tray? Mon, 21 October 2013 17:54
What are your expansion ideas?
Do you have any SWU ideas?
Thanks Very Happy

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Re:Anyone getting rid of their Be Not Afraid storage tray? Mon, 21 October 2013 21:07
No SWU ideas per se, though they can be used in SWU.

If you want to know, here they are, you are welcome to give me input on them (OP? weak?). DISCLAIMER: some of these powers were inspired from the community, I merely tweaked them to my liking.

Small World From Strange Shores


MERMAIDS (5/10): All water regions are adjacent and conquerable. Can only conquer single-token or empty regions.

UNICORNS (3/8): if an opponent conquers an unicorn region, he gains one unit back, however he must pay 1 VP and the Unicorns get an additional 1VP from the bank. Works in Decline.

ANGELS (5/10): Angels gain 2 VP for each bordering active race that was not attacked by Angels this round. Opponents which border Angels and do not attack them this round gain 1VP. Does not work in decline.

DEMONS (5/10): Collect all lost race tokens that would be sent to the tray. For every few (same as # of players) tokens sent to the tray by any player, immediately gain 1 vp (even in decline). If Igors are present, take tokens of an unused race from the tray instead to count the souls you collected.

DRYADS (6/11): When an enemy conquers one of your regions, instead of going to the tray one dryad turns to the decline side and stays on that region. In Decline Dryads gain 1 vp when alone in a region and 1 vp for each 2 regions they coexist with another race, rounded down.

GHOSTS (14): Ghosts do not get a power and enter the board as an in-decline race. The previously in-decline race disappears, unless they are allowed to stay (Spirit, Enduring). When ghosts decline, they score, and a new race immediately enters and starts a normal turn, scoring a second time.


TRAPPER (5): You get 4 trap tokens that can be placed face down on controlled regions. Upon conquest of a trapped zone, the token is revealed and goes back to the player's hand. A pit causes the attacker to lose 1 of his tokens tot he tray (Applies to immortal races too). Traps may be redistributed during the redeployment phase. When going in decline, traps stay until triggered but cannot be redistributed. (This power comes from the community compendium I)

EXPLORER (4): Place a map token on your first conquest. All region of the same symbol (e.g. mine, or type if no symbol is there), obtain one bonus vp for each terrain the same type as your first conquest.

OLIPHAUNT TRAINER (4): You receive two Oliphaunt tokens. On your turn, use them on up to two adjacent regions to conquer them as if they were empty. The tokens are returned to the owner if it is an active race, in decline ghouls or a Tomb race. Cannot be used on immune regions. During troop redeployment you pick up your two Oliphaunt tokens to use again during your next conquest

HIDDEN (5): The first time during their turn that a player tries to conquer a hidden unit they must roll a die. On a 1, 2, or 3 they may attack your hidden race as normal. On a 0 they may not attack your hidden race for the rest of their turn.

ENDURING (3): On your first turn, build a Marvel in one of your regions. This region is now immune, and it grants you a bonus of 1 VP per turn. When you decline, turn the token. It grants no more immunity, but permanently grants 1 defence to that region until the end of the game (like a mountain). Any time one region containing or adjacent to the wonder is abandoned, conquer it using one of your in-decline tokens (if any is available). You never lose this race even after multiple declines.

AETHER (3): Once per turn, use a portal to make a conquest anywhere. If the closest portal is at least 3 or 4 regions away (3 for small maps, 4 for big maps), immediately gain 2 VP and one RT. Portals are never lost to a conquest. After decline, the portals stay until the end of the game. All regions containing a portal are deemed adjacent to one another.

Popular Places and Relics (the ones from Realms)

The Champion's Effigy (Statue)
You can place the Effigy on a frontier separating two regions you own, along with as many tokens as you wish. The tokens defend both regions at once. If they are vanquished once, one is sent to the tray as usual, the others retreat to the second region with the Effigy . You lose the Effigy if the second region is conquered.

Sir Knifelot's tomb (Crypt)
You found the valorous knight Knifelot's tomb containing his enchanted armour. Once per turn, use it to conquer a region. On that conquest, each token you use is worth double its normal strength. The region is immune until the armour moves away.

The Hungering Skull (Skull)
Put the yeti on the side of the board. Each turn you feed the skull by placing it in a freshly conquering active region, you can place the yeti on any region you wish, and move it before each opponent's turn. The yeti renders the region immune. If you conquer no regions, or only declined regions, put the yeti on the side of the board.

The Queen's Heart (Necklace)
Once per turn, you can do a conquest using the queen's heart. Instead of sending the opponent's token to the tray (or giving it back if it is immortal), you spare it and keep it on your region. it now gives you +1 vp per turn, and acts as +1 defence. If that region is conquered, you get all your tokens back. Concerning the spared token, if the attackers belong to the same race, they get it back. If not, the token is sent to the tray too.

The Rusted Throne
Command your subjects from an (almost) brand new throne. Each turn, throw the die.
If you get 0 pips, the taxes are in. Get 1 bonus VP.
If you get 1,2 or 3 pips, you ordered reinforcements from afar. Take 1,2 or 3 tokens from the tray. You can use them to conquer any region fit for a first conquest

The Mill of Plenty (Mill)
All regions around the Mill are worth +1/2 VP rounded up to whoever occupies them, and the Mill's region itself is worth 1 bonus VP.

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