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ZZZZ game Sun, 27 October 2013 01:25
Rant mode on

Well, I have over 700 games played online and this happened to me only a handful of times, but I thought I would make a post to address this most recent occurrence.

A few turns into a game in which I was invited my opponent typed in "ZZZZ" as it seemed to him (I guess) that I was taking a bit too long to play a card.

Well, I did something I just do not do. I informed my opponent he could finish the game by himself and left. I decided that the last time I played through a game after my opponent typed ZZZ in the message box was the last time I would do that.

My take is typing "zzzz" in the message box is incredibly rude not to mention a bit immature.

I do not mind a player thinking over a card play and have never complained about this.

Well, he now sits on my ignore list.

At least he got a 5 to 0 "win" against me.

Rant mode off.

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Re:ZZZZ game Sun, 27 October 2013 02:44
We all are capable of rude things, under the right circumstances. Just let it go.
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Re:ZZZZ game Sun, 27 October 2013 03:01
While I am a fast player "I do think typing ZZZ is rude" I already have a good idea what card I want to play beforehand I do know that some players like to think a bit and I try to be patient Razz

I would like to have an expert or tournament mode added to the game involving some kind of clock like they use in chess.

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Re:ZZZZ game Sun, 27 October 2013 03:46
Stray thoughts on this subject:

1. If my opponent takes a long time, I may type "Are you still there?"
2. Like sdnative, I am generally a fast player (sometimes too fast for my own good!) Nevertheless, sometimes my opponent's move will change the situation sufficiently that I really do need to re-think what I want to do.
3. Sam1812 always types "hmmmm" when he is thinking something over for a while. Other opponents have typed "thinking". That is something that I do appreciate.
4. I do not mind my opponents taking their time--as long as I know that they are still there!
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Re:ZZZZ game Thu, 31 October 2013 00:14
I amen jd parker, also tend to laugh @ the Zzzz word. I just think myoponent wants to act funny.

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Re:ZZZZ game Thu, 31 October 2013 07:44
I have had this happen to me also. I explained that M44 was a thinking game and sometimes it takes some time to think out a good strategy and it takes time to think ahead two three or even more turns. But hat that usually pays of and gives you results.

My strategy after that was to show him it works. Which fortunately it did that time. Cool
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