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Bug: Mercenary Barbarians hang-up Wed, 18 September 2013 03:41
Playing Mercenary Barbarians against active Mounted Dwarves in two-player mode, on my last placement (attacking the Dwarves on a magical farmland), I first rolled the reinforcement die, and then used Mercenary. The game locked up, and the tile still showed Dwarves. I quit the app, restarted and resumed. When the game resumed, the tile had changed to Barbarians, but the game was still locked and would not progress to the next turn (there being no redeployment for Barbarians).

Just guessing here, but it seems like a conflict in the logic between the post-reinforcement die use of Mercenary and the Barbarians' lack of a redeployment step.
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Re:Bug: Mercenary Barbarians hang-up Fri, 27 September 2013 22:16
I had something similar happen while playing mercenary leprechauns. The game locked up without going to the redeploy phase. It might be because you have spare units left after your final attack.

Also, apparently the final attack lets you use the mercenary power regardless of how little money you have as I ended up with -1 gold.

Edit: Just had the same thing happen in a quickplay game where the first player went with mercenary pixies. It seems to happen whenever you use the power on your final attack when you have 2 or more units left...

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Re:Bug: Mercenary Barbarians hang-up Mon, 25 November 2013 08:41
I've had two lock-ups playing Mercanaries tonight in solo mode. Both occurred on last roll coupled with the mercenary action. I forget the races. It appears races are insignificant. Please fix this bug, it makes the $5 x-pac less useful.
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Re:Bug: Mercenary Barbarians hang-up Tue, 26 November 2013 18:17
A few days ago I was playing a Quick Play game. On the 9nth turn I picked Mercenary Dwarves that were on the very top and had 4 coins on them. During the last conquest I was not successful with the die, and the game offered me to pay a coin to occupy that region. I accepted the offer and the game just hang, I had no active buttons to tap. I tried to re enter several times, deleted the game from the task bar, but nothing helped me. The opponent was waiting patiently online while I was "dancing with the tambourine" trying to reanimate the game, so in the end I had to bring him my apologies. If it has already happened to several players, then it is certainly a bug.
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