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Competitive TTR organization and rules Thu, 19 December 2013 22:35
Hi competitive TTR community,

A splendid NC is over and it's time for great future events.
As before there are/were people working on ideas, calendar, rules ... everything needed to get our tournaments working.

I hereby introduce our group of 6 players who were doing a lot of work for that cause lately (alphabetical order):

As everything needs a name, let's call us the "Competitive TTR organization and rules panel".
We don't think we know better than everyone else.
We don't want to segregate anyone.
We just happened to care.

Do you want to be part of "the panel"? Just tell us! (but please - being part means you should also contribute some initiatives/work yourself - like drafting rules, editing tiki, grooming TELO lists, ...)
Do you like to contribute ideas without having an "official role"? Just tell anyone of us (In English --> anyone, in French --> Elric or Sysy, in Italian --> Qorlas, in Dutch --> Trucker, in German --> dea)!

Do you like to organize your own tournament without us? Feel free to do so (but if you like, we're happy to support you with the experience we gathered).

So ... what's up?

1) We worked on the TELO (= tournament ELO) list, that will be used for determining the group allocation for the revamped League (together with previous League achievements) and for seeding in 2P tournaments.
Details on TELO and League will follow very soon, stay tuned.

2) We worked on new League format and rules

3) We worked (and will continue to work) on the calendar for next year's events.

Merry Christmas and a happy and successful TTR year 2014!

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