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opinion on own special power Tue, 17 December 2013 16:49
Don't know if it already exists so don't shoot Smile

Co-operative or co-op (0): choose, before entering the board, another active race from the 'pick a race-power combo list' with whom you will co-operate. From now on you control two separate active races.

It's in analogy with the race power of ghouls. The advantage is that you don't lose a turn by going into decline.The disadvantage is having less tokens.
And oh yeah, you can only choose you can't go into decline with the second race and in the next turn choose yet another race to cooperate with. That would be to shabby.

What do you think? Remarks, suggestions for improvement always welcome.

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Re:opinion on own special power Fri, 20 December 2013 00:16
Hey and welcome to the forums, just for future refernce theres a fan suggestions thread a bit above so you can post ideas there.
Think the power might be quite weak as just a banner for two races, even coupled with their racial ability would still be quite weak. Have you tested it?
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