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FUSION CUP 2104 Rules Sat, 25 January 2014 16:04
Fusion Cup Rules

(The FUSION CUP was so named since this Cup brings a fusion of all maps, a fusion of all skills, and fusion of teams for a tournament of sizzling games and matches.)

1. Team formation

1.1 Teams may consist of a minimum of 4 players.

1.2 In the spirit of the diversity and fusion meant for this Tournament, we offer the following guideline (not a rule) "Our desire to have diverse teams, hoping for people playing together who did not play on the same Nations Cup team in 2012."

1.3 This Cup tournament will use a Tournament Director (TD) to help facilitate the running of the Cup Tournament. There will also be an Organizing Committee who will assist in the smooth flow of the tournament.

1.4 Teams will be developed and registered as per instructions in section 2 of the rules.
Teams can made up in one of two ways:
a. Any team may sign up as a whole team, (or as an incomplete team looking for additional team members)
b. A person may sign-up as an individual in a FORUM thread with a Draft to occur for individuals onto a team. See notes in Rule 2.3 section for information on this draft.

1.5 Teams must allocate a Captain (and vice-Captain) who will be responsible for submitting team lineups to the TD.

1.6 If a player holds multiple DOW accounts, he/she must use their highest ranked account.

2. Team Registration

2.1 A maximum of 24 teams can be registered for this tournament. Teams are accepted in accordance with the rules on a 'first come, first served' basis. Teams must register through the appropriate threads in the Competitive Play forum.

2.2 The registration process includes both team registration and single player (having no team) declaration of intention to play.

2.3 Registration will comprise two phases.

2.3.1 Phase 1:. Phase 1 ( 2 1/2 weeks in length):
A FORUM thread will be opened for registration of: Complete teams, incomplete teams (stating what they are looking for) and individuals (stating what game they can/would like to play).
Incomplete teams and individuals can team up, thereby deleting their incomplete registration.
Individuals can withdraw their registration if they don't want to be included in the draft. Any team may sign up as a whole grouping during the registration process.

2.3.2 Phase 2 (occurs in 3rd week, probably beginning Monday)
On a specific day of the third week, (probably Monday) the List of incomplete teams and registered individuals will be published on a new thread.
On the next day of the third week: Captains of incomplete teams with 2 or 3 members can draft 1 player from the individuals list (first to post on new thread = first serve)
Then on the next two days () of the third week: Captains of teams of 4 needing/wanting a 5th player and incomplete teams of 2 or 3 (who missed the chance)can draft 1 or 2 players from the individuals list (again first to post on new thread = first serve)
On last day of registration of the third week: An organizing committee puts the remaining individuals together to teams as they see fit.

3. Organization of play

3.1. Explanation
Cup Tournament > Round Robin > Clash > Match > game
Clash = encounter between two teams
Match = encounter between two players
Round Robin: if a group plays a round robin, each team plays against each other team in that group once.

3.2 Cup Tournament overview: This tournament will be comprised of Two dimensions of the tournament: a Round Robin set of games to determine play-off spots, and the Knock-out Round/Play-offs to determine the champion. The tournament plan will comprise 8-12 weeks including time in between round robin and knockout phase.

3.3 Each Clash in both the Round Robin time and the Knock-out/Play-offs will include 4 types of matches:
1) A 2 player match of 6 games on all the TTR maps, using 6 of the 7 different maps,
2) A 2 player match of 6 games on the USA map
3) A 2 player match of 6 games USA, USA, Euro, Euro, USA, Euro
4) A 4 player TAG match of 3 games using the TAG rules found in section 5.

3.4 Match pairings
Captains choose a lineup per clash, (see rule 4.2). Each clash, they are free to choose players and slots they play in for the 2 player matches. Captains may nominate duplicate players from matches 1, 2, or 3 in the TAG match.

3.5 Match Scoring
a) Each game of a match is to be played. (all 6 in the 2 player, and all 3 in the TAG match. Tied games shall count (as 0.5 in singles, as 1 in TAGs)

b) When a match is completed, recording of the scores would be as follows:
2 player matches score 1 point for each win and any ties count as 0.5 points.
TAG matches score as 2 points for a win and any tie as 1 point.

Thus possible results of a match are 6-0; 5.5-0.5; 5-1; 4.5-1.5; 4-2; 3.5-2.5; 3-3.

c) When a match is complete, clash points are then decided. Scoring of the Clash stage will be as follows:
+ 1 point for an overall match win. A match win constitutes winning more games than the opposing player.
+ 0.5 points for an overall match tie. A clash tie constitutes an even number of games won.
- 0 points for an overall match loss. A clash loss constitutes winning less games than the opposing player.
Possible scores for a Clash result are: 4-0; 3.5-0.5; 3-1; 2.5-1.5; 2-2.

3.6 Clash Scoring
When a Clash has all 4 matches complete, the match score is recorded, and clash point(s) recorded. Clash Scoring will be as follows:
+ 1 point for an overall Clash win. A Clash win constitutes winning more matches than the opposing team.
+ 0.5 points for an overall Clash tie. A clash tie constitutes an even number of matches won.
- 0 points for an overall Clash loss. A clash loss constitutes winning less matches than the opposing team.

In determining overall records for advancing to the knock-out/play-off phase, Clashes won is primary determining factor. In case of a tie, First tiebreaker is clashes won, then matches won, then points won, then TAG result, then AAT result, then US/EU result, then USA result.

For a tie in the KO round, winner will be decided by: First tiebreaker as (matches won), points won, then TAG result, then AAT result, then US/EU result, then USA result.

3.7 Starter rules in matches
a) For every 2 player game, first game set with random start, then start alternates through the 6 games.
b) For the 2 player match of 6 games on all the TTR maps, procedure will be as follows: First game fixed as random start using the Swiss map. Then every game thereafter uses the starter alternates with the starter deciding the map.
c) For TAG match, see special rules in 5.1.3

4. Assignment of teams for Round Robin & Schedule of play

4.1 Assignment of teams to groups for the Round Robin will be done as follows:
a) At the end of registration captains have 2 days to send their perceived ranking list of the participating teams to the TD, ranking from 1 to <number of participating teams>. The TD will add the numbers, team with lowest sum is ranked #1 and so on. If a captain does not submit this ranking list in time, TD will use whatever lists he/she has.
b) Group assignment will be done using similar format as Nation's Cup rule 13.5 and/or adapted adequately to the number of teams registered. (Schedule would be published as close to that time as well.)

4.2 Setting the matches
a) Each team captain, when ready, will send a lineup made of the names for each match including type of match to the Cup TD. The TD then will post the Clash line-ups. Once the draw for the next round is posted,) the players can play their games (they can make arrangements by PM).
b) Captains are to ensure the results of the match occur and are made known before the end of the week of that round.

4.3 Safe exit
Once the schedule of Round Robin is released, if a team knows in advance that one of their players is not able to play in the time of a certain clash, they can ask for the TD's agreement to have that particular match played before the due time. It is the responsibility of the captain of that team to contact his/her peer to find an arrangement.

5. Special note: TAG Rules

5.1. A Tag team game is played on USA map, 4 players, non ranked, observable. If BOTH teams agree, the game could be ranked.

5.2 In Tag team games it is allowed (and intended) to communicate between team members during the whole game.

5.3 The playing order for tag team games is: first member of team A, first member of team B, second member of team B, second member of team A. Each team is free to choose the order (first/second member) for every game.

A game may be cancelled after both teams have chosen their tickets, IF the game starts with a double move for one team AND the other team WISHES to start a new game (maybe they have a good ticket combination or 8 locos in the beginning, so desires to play anyway).

5.4 Problems during game/match: This should be a fun and trust tournament. All this should be handled between the teams or all participants of the tournament. In case of unsolvable technical problems start a new game. For every round there will be a deadline. If one player leaves the match, DO NOT leave the game.

5.5 At the end of a tag team game the points of the team members are added. The team with the most points wins the tag team game, gaining two match points. In case of a tie, both teams get one point.

6. Special Notes

6.1 Disputes
In case of a dispute, one of the involved captains sends a PM to the TD with a copy to the other captain. The decision will be under the discretion of the TD. The TD will inform both captains by PM about the decision and post it in the organizational thread if necessary.
6.2 Adding players after registration
It is not allowed to add players to a team after the start of the tournament unless the TD decides otherwise (mostly in case of emergency). A player can only be registered to one team.

NOTE: These rules and the vision for the Fusion Cup were a compilation of effort by players: dea1, onyx puffin, Qorlas, and Sysyphus, after many conversations with other players as well, established in 2013. For 2014, there will be an Organizing Committee assisting the TD to ensure a smooth running tournament.

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Re:FUSION CUP 2014 Schedule Tue, 04 February 2014 01:21
Here's the schedule for this year :

The ticki page is now created >>GO CHECK<<

Once the group will be announced, all pages should be ready

And btw, TD, we are not yet in 2104 Very Happy

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