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Are the dice 'weighted' when playing the AI? Mon, 10 February 2014 00:36
Is the AI dice weighted to give them a better chance of winning?

I've been playing for a while and estimate that 85% of my games the AI has a significant statistical winning percentage then me. I'm frustrated to the point of not wanting to play anymore when I am beat by the dice almost every single game.

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Re:Are the dice 'weighted' when playing the AI? Mon, 10 February 2014 02:20
No, DoW has stated several times in these forums that the dice are rolled in the same way for the human players as for the AI:
A separate server gets the order to roll X dice, but doesn't know who it's rolling them for: it doesn't know the state of the game, the player, the attacking unit, the targeted unit, etc ..
It just gets a request to roll dice, it rolls the dice and returns the outcome to the requestor.
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Re:Are the dice 'weighted' when playing the AI? Mon, 10 February 2014 05:58
In addition, since there generally are multiple games going on at once, DOW has said that the dice roller doesn't know which game it's rolling for.
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Re:Are the dice 'weighted' when playing the AI? Mon, 10 February 2014 07:05
Rasmussen81 directed me to this thread that seems to give some verification of the randomness of dice rolling. Not sure at the moment if the guy who posted included games against the AI, but you can check it out...


My dad believed that if he held his tongue on a certain side of an inside cheek and chewed on it a little while he dealt cards or rolled dice or worked on old classic autos, he'd have better luck (really, he did this!). So, maybe you should try something creative, Sgt Tomek! Very Happy Cool
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Re:Are the dice 'weighted' when playing the AI? Tue, 11 February 2014 11:01
Dear Boy


Given that those scenarios break at least 80/20 to the favoured side I would have thought that would account for most of your problems

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