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Re:Campaign Booklet : Opération TOENAILS version en 1.2 Wed, 26 September 2012 20:46
Thanks, but that should'nt be possible without M44 community. For Scenarios, of course, but for test, translation and corrections too.

So, thanks for us Smile
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Re:Campaign Booklet : Opération TOENAILS version en 1.2 Mon, 10 February 2014 06:40
I've had my eye on Operation Toenails Campaign for some time. There's 1 bonus point for winning, and 1 bonus point for taking medal sites (usually for Allies). Winner gets a bonus for next scenario (usually good for Allies, lame for Axis).

Just after New Years, I started a campaign on the Japanese side versus Railrodder. It didn't go well for the Japanese.

1.Landing at Rendova (Japanese W 6-4 >> 7-5 w/bonuses), Axis: 2 sandbags.
2.Munda Track (Japanese L 4-6 >> 4-8 w/bonuses), Allies: Air Strikes.
3.Enogai Point (Japanese L 4-6 >> 4-7), Allies: +1 armor unit.
4.Battle of Kelley Hill (Japanese L 5-6 >> 5-7), Allies: +1 infantry unit.
5.Raid on Zanana Beach (Japanese L 5-7 >> 5-8), Allies: Air Strikes.
6.Battle of Bairoko (Japanese W 6-3 >> 7-3), Axis: 2 mines + 2 wire.
7. Illangana (Japanese L 5-6 >> 5-8), Allies: +1 artillery unit!
8. Batley Ridge (Japanese W 7-5 >> 8-5), Axis: + 2 sandbags.
J=45, US=51
9. Withdrawal in the Jungle (Japanese L 2-6 >> 2-7), Allies: upgrade 3 infantry to engineers.
10. Munda Airfield (Japanese L 3-6 >> 3-7).
J=50, US=65

We played the first 8 scenarios over 8 days. After losing 5/8, and down 6 points, Japanese needed two strong wins for games 9 & 10. We got back to game #9 11 days ago, which Japanese lost, and finally finished #10 on Sunday.

After only winning 3/10 and some other losses, my Service Record as Japanese has now fallen to 50% (73/146). I think some of the high win-percentage for Allies and Marines is partly due to people not knowing how to play as Japanese and partly due to unbalanced scenarios. But I'm starting to think I need to relearn how to play as Japanese!

There's not enough AARs for these SFTF, so please post. I think 25 AARs gives a fair indication of win-%, and 50+ is good.

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  Re:Campaign Booklet : Opération TOENAILS version en 1.2 Wed, 12 February 2014 08:08
Sorry I can't help with Japanese play tips/advice, but I just had to comment here on what a super campaign this is!

This one, and there was/is a British/Italian north african campaign also, that is just fantastic.

My hats off to those who put together the scenarios, the campaign, and who formatted and made this available here on these forums for the community to enjoy! 3 Cheers definately for all of those folks involved! Smile
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Re:Campaign Booklet : Opération TOENAILS version en 1.2 Thu, 13 February 2014 06:23
For those wishing to play this on Vassal, you can click the "Campaigns" button to see the pages of its booklet which tells what the reward is for winning each scenario.

Note on Vassal files:
#2, Munda Track, was missing the Allied medal, which should go on the hill containing the bunker.
#4, Battle of Kelley Hill, was missing a Japanese infantry on the baseline jungle.
#8, Bartley Ridge, was missing Permanent Allied medal on Center bunker containing Mortar.

These have been corrected in the latest extension, PacificTheater v16, released this past month. Thanks Bart, for timely update!

#6, Battle of Bairoko, shows all infantry in the Marine's color (Red), but only the units with badges are Marines. I believe they are not elite, so cannot move 2 and fight, but can receive a +1 order if eligible (e.g. Probe-L at start would order 2 units-no Marines there, Probe-R would order 3 units, Recon-in-Force would order one in each section plus an extra one of these 4 only).
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