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Kickstarter / Royal bonus: bequeath to someone? Sat, 28 June 2014 11:22
An associate of mine plays SM2 on the iPad and has the kickstarter bonus, as he donated to the campaign. He is no longer interested in the game. Can he assign, sell, or otherwise transfer the account to me?

If so, can you provide me with the best way to go about it?

Further - assuming it can be done - my little nephew just picked up the game and I'd love to surprise him with the expansions, if anyone else reading the forums may be interested in passing their legacy along!

And if this is NOT permissible or somehow infringes upon some rule, law, or whimsy from the powers that be, accept my apologies and I'll forget about the whole idea... as if waking from a dream... NOTHING really happened...

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Re:Kickstarter / Royal bonus: bequeath to someone? Sat, 28 June 2014 13:11
Hi! If your associate is willing to sell his account he can just say the password to you. Then you will change the name, bind your email to the account, change the password and nobody will even know that the account has changed its owner, be it permissible or not.
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Re:Kickstarter / Royal bonus: bequeath to someone? Sat, 28 June 2014 15:14
It is also possible te merge accounts, what this will specifically do to the bonus, I do not know.

But my guess would be you would then have the bonus as well.
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