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Ranking the big box games Tue, 13 May 2014 21:22
When I was culling my game collecton recently I realized I own, and more importantly like, every big box game from Days of Wonder. And because I like lists, I ranked them:

12 Colosseum
11Pirate's Cove
10 Mystery of the Abbey
9 Relic Runners
8 Mystery Express
7 Cargo Noir
6 Ticket to Ride
5 Shadows over Camelot
4 Cleopatra and the Society of Architects
3 Small World
2 Battlelore
1 Memoir '44

Being 12th on this isn't a bad thing since I really enjoy Colosseum. It's more a testament to how Days of Wonder productions match my gaming sensibilities. To simplify things, for games with expansions (Memoir '44, Battlelore) or games with more than one in the series (Ticket to Ride, Small World) I ranked them according to the version I liked best (Memoir '44 with the Air Pack expansion, Ticket to Ride Europe). Anybody else ever do a similar ranking?
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Re:Ranking the big box games Sat, 12 July 2014 02:56
no ranking myself = but thanks for the list - my wife and I are looking for anothet game to play. Stone Age, TTR, Macao are our tops.
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Re:Ranking the big box games Sun, 20 July 2014 05:04
Sadly I own many fewer DOW games than you, but my list would be...
4-Ticket to Ride
3-Cargo Noir
2-Relic Runners
1-Small World

As you stated, being at the bottom of the list is not a bad thing. All are great.
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Re:Ranking the big box games Sun, 20 July 2014 13:08
^Good username. <3 Colts.

As of my collection...

Ticket to Ride(s), Shadows over Camelot and Small World...
How are you even meant to rank them? Well, I guess I'll try.

1- TTR: Europe
2- Small World
3- Shadows over Camelot (when I get to play it with a group larger than me *tears* I might be able to rate it higher)
5- TTR: Nordic
6- TTR: Marklin

I honestly think Europe is the best designed TTR map there is. It's not my favourite game all the time (in fact, TTR has fallen off recently to make way for other games), but it's so very good.
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