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October 2014
Air Pack search Fri, 03 April 2015 23:46

This question must have been asked countless time, but I am taking the long shot Smile

Does anyone know of, or have, a spare Air Pack?
My brother and myself are avid players and we love the air rules, and we would love to have the real planes.

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March 2005
Re:Air Pack search Sat, 04 April 2015 08:22
Hi mausV,

Have you seen this one?
I see you're living in holland, so maybe I should say:

Kijk ook een keer in het nederlands gedeelte van het forum, daar vindt je nog meer Nederlandstalige memoir'44 spelers.
Ben je ook op de hoogte van ?
We organiseren regelmatig Memoir '44 speldagen.
[/Dutch mode]

Back to english now Cool

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July 2012
Re:Air Pack search Sun, 05 April 2015 00:11
Hey I got one!!! I will post on a different thread.
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