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When does Soul Touch take effect? Fri, 25 December 2015 17:25
The rule as written is ambiguous.
Normally, at the start of my turn, I can choose to send my active race into decline removing any previous declined race tokens an scoring only those regions occupied by my newly declined race.

Soul Touched races go in decline and instead of removing previous in decline tokens, they get flipped back to active. So now, every region I occupy on the board has at best 1 token.

Here's the ambiguous part: the rules use the words "Instead of picking a new race on your next turn you activate your previous in decline race"

Does this mean "Instead of picking a new race on your next turn; you immediately activate your previous in decline race" where "on your next turn" is simply clarifying when this action would have normally happened, or does this mean "Instead of picking a new race, on your next turn activate your previous in decline race..."

I think the first one is what is meant but the wording is unclear. If it is the second, the wording is even worse since by the time of your next turn, you would have already removed your previous in decline race or if you activated them, that would have been before your next turn.

I think the intent was that Soul- Touched would be a Stout-like power that would allow a Decline-and-conquer in the same turn. If this is not the case, Soul-Touched is a worthless power that offers exactly zero benefit to the race that has it. Reviving a previous race would only be worth it if the previous race was Amazing, like Flying Sorcerers or Commando Amazons; that is, something that makes up for a race playing with no power, since Soul Touched doesn't give you any attack power, no bonus coins and no defense while you have it.

DoW customer service has indicated to some people in emails that S-T starts on the next turn. This must be wrong as it is a useless power then,but seeming official answers from DoW have confused things.

Any chance of an official ruling on this that explains the actual benefit of the power and why anyone would ever choose it?
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Re:When does Soul Touch take effect? Fri, 11 March 2016 23:42
I just bought the expansion, & I thought it was immediate. I'm probably going to play it that way.
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