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Reviews are rolling in! Mon, 18 April 2016 18:43
*Spoiler Alert* People are loving Quadropolis!!

Here's a quick review that was posted on BGG recently that captured a lot of things we've been seeing recently about Days of Wonder's newest game:


So. Did Quadropolis live up to all its glow? Is it a hit? The short answer is "most likely." The long answer is the rest of this paragraph. Yes, every once in a great while a board game or a movie or a book or a con artist comes along and presents a certain something that seems so exceedingly simple, so blisteringly effective, so exceptionally promising that you wonder how it's never been done before. Quadropolis' ruleset is just this. You can learn the basics in less than ten minutes, and yet it feels fecund, complete, entirely unique. I'm waiting for someone to come along and point to a Kramer and Kiesling game from 200X that's already done the grid of tiles city-builder before, several Reiner Knizia titles that have featured a rudimentary version of numbered pointers that correspond to central and player boards-- heck, even an iPhone app that's already covered the spatial placement of tiles to score both laterally and vertically. They're probably out there***, many of Quadropolis' mechanics are sure to already exist, but the thing of it is is that Quadropolis still stands significantly apart from its predecessors. It already feels classic, perennial, the stuff of inspiration for future games. The average modern board game smacks of iteration, borrowed and improved mechanics, a mindfulness and appreciation of its many origins. Don't get me wrong, I love these types of games. I welcome iterative design and gradual refinement, think it absolutely necessary for the advancement of our hobby in general, but my first impressions of Quadropolis felt different. I'm hesitant to overstate any one thing concerning what I've enjoyed about Quadropolis; I'm certain you've all heard it countless times already. I won't be going so far as to claim Quadropolis is the most amazing and unique game of 2016, but the fact of the matter remains: I do indeed think the game is a great one, a very solid and entertaining experience in nearly all regards. I look forward to future plays.

If you haven't tried Quadropolis yet, it's worth checking out!! Smile
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