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Swiss Map - Possible Variants on it (some could be use for any other T2R) Wed, 15 August 2007 18:26

I've been thinking of some variants with the Swiss Map.

So here it goes.

1) The last ticket - aka Poison Ticket. ff you have played the map with 3 players, the last draw only has 1 ticket, not 3 to choose from. This only happens with 3 players, the tickets work out correctly for 2 player game. And thus sometimes you can draw a real yuck ticket or a great one..hit or miss.

(there are 46 tickets)
2p : 46 - 5 - 5 = 36. Divisible by 3
3p : 46 - 5 - 5 - 5 = 31. Not divisible by 3. One ticket draw of 1 ticket.

Possible Solutions
a) Discard 1 ticket at the beginning
b) After everyone selects their initial tickets, and there are 2 discard tickets available, randomly choose 2 tickets to put back into the deck.
c) The Golden Ticket : This last ticket is a community ticket. Everyone can attempt to do the ticket. Should the ticket be one that goes off map, then all possible scores are AVAILABLE (i.e. If the ticket is Germany to the other off map areas, and you have a route from Germany to Osterrich as well as Ttaly, you score both!!) The usual penalty for not completing. This ticket doesn't count in anyone's hands for most tickets completed.

2) Connecting the most of a single color. At game start, draw from a seperate pile of cards that indicate a color. If you are the person that connected the most of that color contiguous, you get 10 extra bonus at the end. Ties with other players for that color don't get you anything. (Still experimenting on this one)

a) For Swiss have experiment that you always build to one of the 4 off map areas (Representing that country). Still needs some work on this to flesh out - or just might just scrap altogether.
b) Another possibility with 2) is to have 2 different colors to connect.

3) Building track like you should : Once you lay down your initial route, you have to add track to that route. Of course, if all routes are blocked, then you can start anywhere else. (Rarely happens). Kinda fun and takes some strategy.

4) Follow the leader : If a person draw tickets, everyone else does as well for that turn. Only applies to tickets, the other items to do are up to the player.

5) Rail Service bonus - Person who connects the MOST cities (not off map areas) score 10 bonus.

Have at it...and Remember, don't use ALL of the above variants in one game. Can get somewhat nasty.

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Re:Swiss Map - Possible Variants on it (some could be use for any other T2R) Wed, 15 August 2007 20:20
And now for something completely different,

Forget abut scoring

Forget about tickets

Forget about bonuses

Introducing The Fox and the Hound

One player plays the role of the fox, the other is the hound. The goal of the fox is to start in one country and make it across the board to the country on the other side, e. g. from Italy to Germany. The hound tries to stop them.
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Re:Swiss Map - Possible Variants on it (some could be use for any other T2R) Tue, 25 October 2016 01:28
That actually sound really fun!
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