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Right of Way Tech Tue, 24 October 2017 07:55
Hi, I have looked over all the posts here, and on Boardgamegeek, regarding the Right of Way Tech for United Kingdom. I still feel like I am missing something, but I still have 2 unresolved questions.

1. In a 2 player game, Player 1 has claimed the black route of a double route, leaving the blue route unclaimed. If I use Right of Way to add a route over this double route, do I have to use Black cards? Or could I also use Blue cards?

2. On a grey route, after it has been claimed, and I am using Right of Way, do I have to match the colors that the original person used to claim the route? or can I use the correct number of any color to claim new route?

We are planning to play this Friday, so I would love a response by then. If you are relating a house rule or your opinion, please include that. We are trying to get a definitive answer to these questions.

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Re:Right of Way Tech Wed, 25 October 2017 10:46

In answer to your questions. First:

In this thread ( olor-cards)on BGG Alan R Moon himself states:

"When playing this card, you must still play the correct cards to claim the route."

Alan R. Moon[/q]

So you have to play the correct color (and or locomotivs) to claim the route.

Interpreting that rule for your questions:

Question 1: I would say that both colors (in your example black and blue) are valid. Both of them would be correct if your opponent had not played that route.

Question 2: I would say any color would do for a grey track. (It would also be very impractical to have to jkeep track of all the colors that have bene played earlier on grey tracks)

Hope this helps.

Have fun! Smile

PS: In the future you might want to ask your TTR questions in the forum dedicated to TTR instead of in the overall forum.

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