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New to Memoir 44 Tue, 10 October 2017 17:30
Good morning,

I am new to the game of Memoir 44 and am wondering if there is a way to play the game solitaire?

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Re:New to Memoir 44 Tue, 10 October 2017 19:29
Online or with a board?

Online you can play the bot.
On the board there are several systems (but I do not use them)
Simply google memoir 44 solo and there will be links, mostly to Board game geek.

In the future to get more answers from players: Smile

For playing on the board it is best to ask your questions in the memoir'44 forum:

For playing online on the online forum:

Or open the menu for Memoir'44 below the forum you used now.

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Re:New to Memoir 44 Thu, 26 October 2017 16:39
Playing online against the bot is probably the best way to go solo. The first 20 games or so are free and then they are about 25 cents. It's really worth it.

Playing solitaire with the board is OK also, and although there are systems available, you can also just do it by walking around to the other side of the table. I've made up a couple of my own scenarios, and I just do that.

One thing about about playing by yourself is that it's easy to miss certain rules and never really correct them. For instance, I've been playing 4 months and I just learned yesterday that you can't do Armor Overrun in a forest or town hex. Playing with either the online bot (or somebody else) will help you correct some of these beginner mistakes (which I'm still learning).

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