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  The Nordic Countries - Scandinavia Mon, 04 December 2017 21:06
Me and a friend have got a disagreement about the rules today. She was going south from Kirkenes to Rovaniemi, and wanted to build her trains trough Rovaniemi and further south. I was going east from Tornio to Kajaani, and went Tornio-Rovaniemi-Oulu. We both met in Rovaniemi, where she told me I'm not allowed to block her route, but I wanted to go through the same place as her. She told me I had to build Tornio-Oulu-Kajaani. In the rules it said you can't block two routes into a city, but I thought that only ment the double routes (those with two train lines side by side). Can anyone explain who's right?

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Re:The Nordic Countries - Scandinavia Mon, 04 December 2017 22:19
You can build into a city and then back out another route. So you could do that, blocking her, and continue on your way. You're right that the rules are talking about the double routes; you can't claim both of them, side by side.

But in a two-player game that won't be an issue because you can't use the double routes anyway.

Have fun!
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