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  Solo challenges Fri, 29 June 2018 12:30
Hi there,
Other than maxing out my conductor level,
I have finished all the solo challenges on all the maps.
Can we have some more?
Some examples:
As well as coal tender, win US by completing all of the other colours.
Competing all those challenges unlocks ‘rainbow railroad’.
Fly-over-States: Win at 200 points whilst connecting Helena-Omaha-Kansas-Oklahoma-Little Rock
Swamp monster: Win at 200 points whilst playing all the 6 carriage routes from LA to Miami.
Big Skies: Win at 200 points whilst playing all the 6 carriage routes, Seattle-Helena-Duluth-Toronto.
I visited Canada: Win at 200 points whilst claiming all the Canadian routes, Vancouver-Calgary-Winnipeg-Sault St Marie-Montreal
HSR: Win whilst completing three lengths of track at either 5 or 6 carriages of railway
High Speed Ferry: Win whilst connecting completing three long distance ferry routes 4-6 and the ferry from Macau to Taipei
I like boats: Win whilst completing a mandala that includes the ferries from Karachi to Calicut or Chittagong to Madras.
One at a Time: Win whilst completing every single carriage track.

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