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New update: display bug on Steam Tue, 25 December 2018 19:02
Since the newest update arrived, when playing via Steam (Windows 7 64bit PC) the left one-quarter of the screen regularly flashes white. This new bug occurs regardless of whether I play fullscreen or windowed, happens on all maps, persists after a reinstall, etc. It is constant and extremely annoying.

This is on a PC that has never before had problems with Ticket To Ride, and no hardware has changed at my end. The PC runs other Steam games just fine.

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Re:New update: display bug on Steam Thu, 27 December 2018 20:18
To everyone who are playing via Steam and not happy with the latest update: you can roll back to the previous version.
Right click to TTR(in the steam's games list)--->Properties-->Betas-->2.5.0.

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