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15th Year Anniversary Edition - DISAPPOINTMENT Sun, 18 August 2019 04:46
So first off - we have been absolute fans of the Ticket to Ride series since we first learned about it 4 years ago from a really good friend...and have been building our own collection ever since--we are up to 5 of the various editions - plus a slew of the digital ones.

We recently found the 15th Year Anniversary Edition at our local board game shop and were excited when we found it. The translucent trains are GORGEOUS.

We were however SERIOUSLY DISAPPOINTED when we learned both tickets and train cards had been miniaturized. This makes is so much more challenging to shuffle and hold the cards - and honestly makes the anniversary edition afeel cheap. Unfortunately the card holders are also miniature so we can't even substitute regular cards from our other editions.

We would have taken it back and exchanged it but our game shop doesn't accept returns after a game has been opened and they didn't have an regular edition that we could exchange. They were also caught by surprise by the recent change.

I wish I could find the right place to register my complaint because we have come to expect so much more from Days of Wonder and want to see it continue offering and creating fantastic games. .
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Re:15th Year Anniversary Edition - DISAPPOINTMENT Sun, 01 September 2019 02:37
I agree completely with you on this! I bought this edition and hate it. The cards are a ridiculous size. You cannot hold them or shuffle them.

I have the 10-Anniversary edition and it is amazing.

The only thing denoting this as an anniversary edition is the sleeve that slides over the box.
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