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July 2017
  Missing parts, disappointing customer service Tue, 25 July 2017 04:20
I bought ticket to ride Europe last week on Amazon.com, not through a 3rd party seller. It arrived with only 5 of the 15 stations that should have been included.
Upon emailing Days of Wonder with a request to mail the missing pieces I was told, without any further inquiries as to where purchased, whether I had a registration number, or any order details, that my game is "probably counterfeit."

I wrote back and told them it appears to be legitimate (code included, lots of their promo material included, etc.) and I didn't want to go through the effort of returning and exchanging the whole game over 10 little plastic bits which were not Amazon's error. Asmodee told me they didn't support customers with missing pieces and that Amazon sells some counterfeit merchandise.

How would Asmodee NA know this from just my inquiry? Unless they can tell me they sell 0 units through Amazon, which wasn't the message I got, how do they know?

Why make that assumption instead of admitting it's possible the units were packed wrong? Is that so inconceivable?

Why would they rather annoy a customer and risk a bad reputation than spend $1 on materials and shipping? What sort of impression does this make to a new buyer?

I am very disappointed in the level of service received and hope DoW reads these messages. I will think twice before purchasing anything supposedly supported by Asmodee again.

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August 2017
Re:Missing parts, disappointing customer service Fri, 04 August 2017 18:40
I had the same experience. Just got an e-mail saying that my game is probably counterfeit even though I purchased it through Amazon itself and not a third party seller.

They suggested I return my game to Amazon and buy another one. Nothing else seems to be wrong with the game other than the missing pieces.
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August 2016
Re:Missing parts, disappointing customer service Mon, 07 August 2017 16:09

I'm really sorry to read that. Could you both contact me via this form please : https://www.daysofwonder.com/en/contact/webcard/?tab=account (Even it's not the good one).

I'll try to help you to solve your issue.

Thanks !

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November 2012
Re:Missing parts, disappointing customer service Tue, 22 August 2017 21:20
Wow! Exact same experience here too. Last night, I received the game with only 5 train stations. Missing 10 (2 in each color). I contacted Asmodee and they "suspect it is counterfeit" and directed me to return it.
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August 2017
Re:Missing parts, disappointing customer service Fri, 25 August 2017 18:42
I just had the same experience. Ordered with Amazon, was sent by Amazon, mine only had 4 of the train stations. They told me the same thing. I contacted Amazon and they have already sent me a new game. This time there are only 5 stations one of each color. It is not worth sending it back again, obviously the boxes don't have enough train stations. Agreed, just send me some extra train stations. All the marketing materials are in the box.
Just want some train stations!
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October 2019
Re:Missing parts, disappointing customer service Tue, 15 October 2019 21:09
Hi, Does anybody know how to tell if a ticket to ride board-game is counterfeit? I just got a game that I bought on ebay and is made in China? Does DoW manufactures ticket to ride in China?
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