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Why so many train sets? Thu, 12 December 2019 19:32
OK, folks - I own a regular version of Ticket to Ride, a 10th Anniversary version, and a 15th Anniversary version - I have =mmore= than three complete sets of trains!

So, then, why are there versions of TtR which also include trains that I do not need?

Examples are - the Marklin set, Europe, Nordic, and Germany. (Please correct me if I'm wrong about this.)

But there are several sets that just include the other components, such as India (#2), Africa (#3), Nederland (#4), UK (#5), and France and Old West (#6). at least.

Isn't there a way to release all sets that include trains as just map sets?

PS: Yes, I know about Marklin's different train cars.

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated!

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Re:Why so many train sets? Thu, 19 December 2019 22:17
The reason for Europe having a different set is due to needing the stations and thus I suspect that is why that has the complete train set. Also since it is a Europe game, it probably sells more in Europe vs a US version and vice versa in the US. Thus why both have complete train sets,

As for Nordic, it was initially only available to purchase in the Nordic countries for about 1 year or so. It also has different color trains.

Marlklin - obvious as to why and rarely played now, if at all.

Germany - I do know that initially it was only available in Germany and like Nordic now available to all. And thusneeded a train set if it was a person’s first T2R game.

Understand I do not work for DoW and these are just my opinions/history on why each have their own train set.

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Re:Why so many train sets? Sun, 29 December 2019 02:07
Stand-alone games (i.e. Europe, Africa, Nordic & Germany) come with all components required to play the game and are completely non-dependant on any other variant of the game.

Expansion games, such as India/Swiss, UK/Pennsylvania, France/OldWest & Japan/Italy, only come with the boards and new set of cards or trains required for that particular variant of the game, hence why they rely on the original game(s) for the trains or cards.
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Re:Why so many train sets? Sun, 29 December 2019 05:00
OK! Thanks for the info and update on these sets. I guess I'll have to get the expansions, and just hope I have enough funds for the "full" games later!
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