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  DEEP BLUE - 2 of your boats on same tile? Sun, 15 December 2019 19:47

I have a question regarding the Deep Blue board game and the benefits of having two of the same coloured boats on the same tile.

For example - 2 red boats on the same tile, beginning a dive...

1) If you use a protection card (against blue or black gem) does that apply to both of the boats or just one?

2) If the two boats survive until the end of the dive, do they both collect the VP from the dive individually or just once?

I suppose we’re getting confused here on what the benefits are/aren’t of having both of your boats on the same dive and unfortunately we haven’t found clear rules on this!

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Re:DEEP BLUE - 2 of your boats on same tile? Sun, 15 December 2019 22:57
Reading the rules I would say:

If a black or blue gem is drawn you need to counter that gem either with a card or by moving your ship from the appropriately colored spot to the middle of the tile. if you have done that it is OK, you do not need to do that for each ship.

That is simple, the rules state on page 9: (players do not score more VP if they have both their Boats present)

Benefits of having both your boats there are you can cover more colored spots for scoring and protection. Adding a boat to the middle of a card where you already are (and t]all the colored spots are filled) might give you an advantage for moving a next turn. (I at least do not see another advantage.)

Hope this helps. Smile
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