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What do you think of the game? Mon, 16 December 2019 09:54
Hello everyone, I am Gamesbx
I honestly don't think playing games is pointless. There are friends, have experiences.
I wrote this article just want to say my thoughts about Game Online only. Online Game only !!!
Most of you must have played the game, at least one. I, too, have played a lot of games already, a lot of online game genres like RPG, Casual ... and can say is going through a lot of life and death to have high-class characters. Friends I often say, "What do you play games for, then throw it away" or "Playing games is not useful but just play" ... In my opinion, playing Game is a form of learning, a form of labor.

For me, games are like in real life, especially MMORPGs. In the game you also have to work, to work to get your results ... like going to fight the monsters or going on missions in addition to the Game I also learn many things like the treatment between children people with people, get used to the tricks, tricks to trick people. And in that, I also find really good friends who are both friends who share their joys and sorrows with me.

I remember when I used to play Perfect World, at that time I had a character at the server of Thanh Long named my character Winlove. I also played a little, not plowing as often as everyone else. My character is only level 70+. Probably not now because I have already played it with a younger brother, and I admit it was fun. Let's go to the Challenge for the guild members or go for a walk with the girls, or go to the Siege of the guild ... Honestly, in there I find quite a lot of friends but have many friends just a few days "bye" . Do you know why? because those people always make friends with the rich or the voice of the guild so they can satisfy their goals. But there are good things in the bad, in which I find friends who are really worth making friends that are worth the time and effort just to talk or hang out .. For me, that day was really fun. draw!
When I was in the Game, I learned many valuable lessons, those experiences are like real life in a certain aspect and most importantly, In the Game, you do not lose too much. Only with the Acc or the trivial items in the Game only. From there You will learn valuable lessons. For me, I shouldn't believe in anyone or anything completely. Life is the same, DO NOT BELIEVE COMPLETELY INTO WHO !!!

Let's play games online with me!
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