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Jon Washington
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October 2017
Confirm/Deny Battlemap reprint rumors? Fri, 20 December 2019 18:05
There are 3 stores in the UK offering pre-orders for the battlemap series 1 maps and D-Day Landings.

I know DoW has a no-advance-information policy but it would be really nice to know if this is real or not. All it takes is one person to say yes or no.


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Re:Confirm/Deny Battlemap reprint rumors? Sat, 21 December 2019 07:04
Hi Jon,Which UK stores were mentioned?
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Re:Confirm/Deny Battlemap reprint rumors? Sat, 21 December 2019 10:41
Kelly's Hero
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Re:Confirm/Deny Battlemap reprint rumors? Sat, 21 December 2019 18:06
I'm interested to know the answer to this as well. There have been a couple of posts on the Memoir '44 facebook group from people who say they 'can confirm' the rumors, but I don't know what authority they or their sources really have to confirm them. I'm inclined to believe (for now) that someone made a mistake and these stores are perpetuating the mistake. Hopefully I'm wrong...

Here is one store:
https://www.board-game.co.uk/category/board-games/?min=0& ;amp ;max=300&collection=memoir-44&page=1

Here is another:
https://www.chaoscards.co.uk/search/memoir-44?fbclid=IwAR1Cg 1EKekA7oXJhMkB9PlyHdbMDg-CzNTsLa-5ImZ5xAXwMvvx6WeyD4T0

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Sapin d'Arnhem

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Re:Confirm/Deny Battlemap reprint rumors? Sun, 22 December 2019 04:01
The thing that gives me serious doubts is that the current price point is lower than the original cost for these items in US dollars. Nevertheless, I hope for the sake of new players to the Memoir system that my doubts will be proven wrong. Time will tell.
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Re:Confirm/Deny Battlemap reprint rumors? Tue, 24 December 2019 06:50
I don't know why, but I feel this may be true. The D-Day Landings really surprises me, but it is primarily just three large maps, so not excessive to publish again. The Battle Maps, despite Days of Wonder basically declaring that they will never release them again, make a lot of sense to reproduce since they also aren't a lot more expensive. I do wonder, though, if the three maps with figures will still include those. Since the Equipment Pack (which is also OOP) included them, DoW may conclude that anyone who wants them can track that down. And it wouldn't actually require a re-writing of the rules since everything about those vehicles remains true. I hope that if they do reprint Volume 1 maps, that they'll include printed versions of the standard maps, like they do with the Volume 2 maps, but I won't hold my breath. Reprinting these maps, especially without the pieces, is a win-win for DoW, and the cost without extra pieces would be significantly less, which could explain the lower price point. Sword of Stalingrad is the only one that needs its bonus features, and I really hope those are included in a reprint because I hesitated and waited too long to ever get those. They are now the only Combat Cards that I'm missing.

Complete sidepoint, but they really need Combat Cards for beach combat and countryside combat.
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