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  Custom Ticket to Ride Seattle Map Tue, 17 March 2020 22:07
Hello all,
I am currently designing my own ticket to ride map expansion and I am wondering how to get permission to use daysofwonder official graphics.
I know many others have made their own custom maps for TTR, and I am just curious if they were given any official files, (like that of the colored train spaces for a board) or if they were just given permission to scan the files to use them.
This project I am working on is obviously not for commercial purposes, but just for personal use, and hopefully to be able to upload the files to boardgamegeek.com when they are completed for others to use them as a print and play. Very Happy

The map will be of Seattle's bus network, of the same style, size, and genre of the new TTR: New York and London.

Basically, is there any way to get official graphics to use?
(the only graphics I want are that of the on-board colored train routes)
Am I on my own? Confused
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