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Finding other users - to become buddies Fri, 03 April 2020 21:03
I am a new Asmodee Digital member with a very basic difficulty.

I suspect there might be something straightforward that I am doing wrong and I'll be embarrassed when I am 'put right' - but here goes.

I am having problems finding my friend's Asmodee Digital account - we want to become buddies. We are both logged into our Asmodee accounts and have tried searching for each others' usernames - but keep getting the 'No player found for this search' error message. I have had an account for about a week but my friend has just opened her account an hour or so ago.
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Re:Finding other users - to become buddies Sat, 04 April 2020 12:00
If she comes to the forum she can buddy you here (in this topic) by clicking on the [add to buddy list] under your avatar on the left.

If she types a reaction you can do the same for her.

good luck sorting it out. Smile
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