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Days of Wonder Password leak Thu, 16 April 2020 02:24
Anyone received email like this one because Asmodee or DaysOfwonder got hack and all our password are on Internet?

Bernadette Hernadi <lslizziemuc@outlook.com>
6:09 PM (2 hours ago)
to me

Send $1000 in btc to the down below address (remove***from it):


You could be questioning why the heck would you do that? Well, prepare yourself due to the fact I am going to tremble your world at this moment. I had a harmful malware infect your computer system as well as record video of YOU (using your web camera)....
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April 2020
Re:Days of Wonder Password leak Sun, 19 April 2020 00:24
Yes, I got an email like that recently. The subject line was a password I used to use a long time ago for various sites, before I switched to using a password manager.

You should just delete it. Paying them won't accomplish anything; they're just sending that message out to hundreds of thousands of people based on stolen username/password lists from various sites.

At least in my case, the leak didn't come days of wonder or asmodee; I didn't even register with them until today, after receiving the email. Also, I used a randomly generated password like uDIjfe7328buskdju or something (my password manager takes care of it). You can check for your info at https://haveibeenpwned.com/ to see what other known data breaches you might have been involved in.

I use and highly recommend lastpass to manage my passwords. Their security model is top rate, and it's easy to use.
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