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D-Day landings played as overlord Fri, 12 June 2020 17:07
Over the last couple of days, I've played the 5 possible double maps from D-Day landings as an overlord, with the overlord rules and overlord command card deck.

I did this solo, playing for both sides and playing all the roles, CinC and FG.

I just wanted to try this, since I had never played any of those with the overlord rules and deck, while the rulebook suggests this as a possible way to play.

My findings:
1) you are really missing those on the move orders from the breakthrough deck. Especially for the German side, this is crippling. On many of the maps, I didn't even get the German tanks that started in the back to the front. For reinforcements, this was totally impossible.
This leads me straight to the second point.

2) there is a big balance issue when playing like this. On none of the 5 maps, the germans even had a chance of winning.

3) it was an interesting experience, especially playing them consecutively, because the same section was paired with a new section on the next game.
What do I mean?
example: if you play Utah + American airborne, the left flank allied FG plays pointe du hoc and the middle sector on Utah with all the landing craft. If you play Omaha + Utah, the centre FG plays Pointe du hoc together with the right sector of Omaha, while the landing craft for Utah are paired with the beach of Utah. This makes for a totally different way of playing.

4) the only map combinations I'd consider playing more often as an overlord are:
- Utah+American Airborne (only one allied FG has landing craft and there are some tough decisions to make for all FG.)
- Gold + Omaha, because it was the most balanced of them all.
Otherwise, I'd rather play them with the breakthrough decks.

What are your experiences with D-Day landings as overlord? What do you think about it?
Jon Washington
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Re:D-Day landings played as overlord Fri, 12 June 2020 20:14
I think I would just house rule the on-the-move orders into the overlord deck.
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Re:D-Day landings played as overlord Sat, 13 June 2020 00:15
For any Overthrough, the OTM orders are important. Adding them to the Overlord deck makes the most sense.

I've always felt that BT Barrage is too strong against the Big Guns, so I like having stars be a miss.

Losing the ability to put sandbags on artillery is a sacrifice, though it can be house-ruled.
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