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  4-player, game nearly over, suddenly infinite tokens? Wed, 15 July 2020 05:33
Hi, just wondered if anyone could tell me what just happened in the game I was playing with 3 friends?

The game was nearly over, I was WELL behind, I had a couple of cards reserved and possibly a couple of gold pieces.

Suddenly, my UI changed slightly: instead of only small stacks of coins where my personal gems collection is at the bottom of the screen, each gem type suddenly had BIG stacks of coins next to them, and instead of just a few cards on the table having the green outline to indicate I could buy them, ALL of the cards had the outline (even though I shouldn't have been able to afford them with my current stacks).

I tried to take a card from the top row that I should NOT have been able to afford to buy and it did actually allow me to buy it.

Does anyone know what had happened?

Is there some sort of "infinite stack mode" that gets given to you if you're losing by a LOT and someone else is about to win?

I can't find any reference to it in the rules or by searching on Google.

Thanks in advance.

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