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  Beta 3.0.3 Mon, 27 July 2020 10:51

It's time for you to fight once again!

If you want to join it's https://account.asmodee.net/en/betatestshere.

Bug fixes:

- The priestess tower is now correctly working while controlling ghouls in decline.
- When the bot plays Ransacking Sorcerers it does not freeze anymore.
- Moving from screen to screen is now more fluid.
Can see the list of recent opponents and I can add them to my buddies list.
- Ransacking animation Is added when a coin is stolen.
- You can now resume your multisession online game even though other players are not on the game and the game is finished.

Feel free to share your feedback and screenshots on this thread!

Have a good game!

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Re:Beta 3.0.3 Mon, 03 August 2020 16:55
I noticed a couple things as I was poking around in this new version.
In the main screen, I saw a popup telling me that the app was updated. I tapped on the notification and it brought up a screen that had a blank page. I am guessing that the changes would be listed in there, but nothing was listed. Being that it is beta, I am guessing that the will probably be filled in for the release, but I thought I would share it anyway.

Also, when I was in the main opening screen, I tap on the bag of money icon to open the shop In there, it shows a bunch of games in the store (Takenoko, Pandemic, etc):

If I tap on one of those digital titles, Pandemic for instance, it opens the apple store to purchase the game. Being that I am running on Android, I would guess that Android customers would want to be brought to the Google Play store instead.

After I hit the back button to go back to the game, the shop still shows the spots for all the games, but everything is missing the icons. This only happens when returning to that screen from hitting back after viewing the items from the browser:

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