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September 2020
[WoW] Trouble with the rules Sat, 12 September 2020 11:41
I picked up the Small World of Warcraft yesterday with 2 friends and tried to play a Small World game for the first time. We had huge trouble understanding the game because the rules seem very incomplete. We didn´t even understand how to actually play till we watched a video and every few minutes there was a question the rules could not solve. Is there an extended rule book or a realy good video you can recommend?

One question that realy annoyed us is: Can you just move across a region you control with your abandoned faction to the next adjacent region (skipping a region) or do you have to place your tokens in that region first to be able to conquer the next region? Same situation in e.g. 2v2 games. How do you cross regions of an ally? First move into their region or are you able to skip the region to the next adjacent one?

Would be realy glad if you can help me.

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Re:[WoW] Trouble with the rules Sun, 13 September 2020 19:36
Your in-decline race and your active races are distinct. When conquering with your active, you do so independently from your other race. So when you conquer an island where your active race isn't (regardless of whether or not your in-decline race is there), you must conquer an entry region. If your active race is already present on an island, you can only conquer regions adjacent to regions that race controls (having your in-decline race there doesn't affect anything). And if your in-decline race is in the way, you can always conquer their regions with your active race, just like you do against other players' races and Murlocks.
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