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Small World 3.0.1 is now availbable to everyone Thu, 18 June 2020 07:55
Hi everyone,

Small World 3.0.1 is now available on App Store, Google Play and Steam.

With this version comes a new server. So everyone should update their app. Otherwise they will end up alone on the old serve with only players who forgot to update. There might be only a few players online during the first days, until everyone installs the update. That said, the former app was only available on iPads. The new app being available on iPhones now, there should be a significant larger number of players online soon. At least I hope Smile

Thank you all for the messages you have sent and for all the feedback. It's been very helpful. The app would not be as good as it is without your help. Thank you very much.

Some things still need to be done (Ransacking Sorcerers, it's you I'm looking at !). We are working on those. More updates will come soon. So the Beta test program continues, and an update will be available soon. You don't need to change anything. You will receive the update as usual, and we will post messages here and on https://account.asmodee.net.betatests, as usual.

Again, thank you very much for your help!
And have fun Smile
Eric B.
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Re:Small World 3.0.1 is now availbable to everyone Fri, 19 June 2020 22:48
Thanks for letting us help. Always a pleasure.

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Re:Small World 3.0.1 is now availbable to everyone Mon, 22 June 2020 19:34
Great great but a very bad bug.
I play on iOs 12.4.7
I launch a 2p game. When a player join me, the game doesn’t start.
I have to leave and chose game on progress. And often I can choose my race... and i have to leave and reenter a second time.
Thore Hammer
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Re:Small World 3.0.1 is now availbable to everyone Tue, 23 June 2020 07:21
Edit: After committing to purchase, it recognized after authorization that i already own it, so all is good! Just in case others get this.

So excited to download on iPhone, but it’s forcing me to repurchase? It recognized I just purchased Royal Bonus on the iPad in my Apple ID purchase history, but it doesn’t show it as an option to download from purchase history in “Not On This iPhone”. Same Apple ID on both, Signed out and back in of App Store on both iPad and iPhone, but still won’t recognize I own it on the iPhone. Help!

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Re:Small World 3.0.1 is now availbable to everyone Fri, 07 August 2020 08:28
Encountering a weird bug in the game.

Playing an online game with one friend and two bots. Every time a bot's turn starts, the game soft-locks and won't run the bot's turn unless both my friend and I exit out of the game and then rejoin.

After rejoining, the game replays the last player's turn, and then plays the first bot's turn, but then locks up again on the second bot. We have to both exit out AGAIN and rejoin in order to unlock the second bot. Then, after watching all the replays, the players can take their turn before we do this dance all over again.

It's really strange that the game will just lock up like that on a computer turn.


EDIT : Ended up withdrawing from that game and starting a new one. Now it's completely fine? It might be related to the Fast Forward function, which we were using to speed up computer turns, but also may have triggered the weird bug.

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Re:Small World 3.0.1 is now availbable to everyone Mon, 19 October 2020 08:19
I'm very excited about this update. The more races I can use in digital the happier I am Wink
I just wanted to ask if there are any plans to bring the update to the Kindle store version? I have the update on my phone already but I primarily play on my Kindle for the larger screen.
Thank you,
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