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Peter de Zeeuw
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Retirement Sun, 25 October 2020 03:13
Hello, friends, arch enemies, 14 year old fan girls and people who have still no idea who the hell I am. I have an announcement to make... I'm retiring from forum activity.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I just got back, and now, after a few posts, I'm quitting again. But that's simply because the landscape has changed. This always used to be a bustling place, where people posted challenges, results, pictures and other fun stuff. There was a lot of interaction, online as well as offline. I have a lot of good memories here. Now... well... it's dead.

It's not like I don't have anything more to say. Man, I bet a lot of people WISH I would shut up! After 15 years, I can still go on and on and on, talking trash. I'm currently active again in railroad combat via the Steam app and I have already spotted some people who I can easily have some good feuds with. But, like I said, the forum is dead, and since I'm not senile yet, I don't see a reason to basically talk to myself here about people who left this forum or don't even know it exists.

So this is it. I'm done and I'm at peace with it, because this also marks my 500th post. You have no idea how that beautiful round number satisfies my OCD (or maybe you do... well then, in that case... wi-five, fellow weird one).


Here an overview of my achievements and participations. My D.I.S.tory, if you will. If anything changes over time, I will update it in this post.


Overall Ranking, ranked number 27 with 1725 ELO points
2 Players, ranked number 64 with 1827 ELO points
Multiplayers, ranked number 4 with ELO 1752 points
USA, ranked number 29 with 1851 ELO points

Longest consecutive winning streak: 27 games in a row
Highest score: 222 points (against Linda&Liévin)
Lowest score: 9 points (against Womble)
Lowest win ever: 45-35 against Lok1414


2nd Tournament
First Round (Best out of 7)
Razamanaz defeats D.I.S. (4-0) [Friday 3 June 2005]

First Round (Best out of 5)
D.I.S. defeats Pat's Jumelle (3-1) [Wednesday 22 June 2005]
Second Round (Best out of 5)
D.I.S. defeats Rode Katers (3-1) [Wednesday 29 June 2005]
Quarter Final (Best out of 7)
D.I.S. defeats LotusArdent (4-1) [Friday 8 July 2005]
Semi-Final (Best out of 7)
Torsten defeats D.I.S. (4-2) [Wednesday 13 July 2005]
The reason I lost was due to "outside interference" by Franzilein, daughter of Pammes. Even though it was entirely my fault for getting 'distracted', I'm still a bit sour about it to this day, because I'm sure I could have won it.

NATIONS CUP 2005 (as part of Team Orange from The Netherlands)
Round 1 (Best out of 7) against SKMorefield (Team Captain of Homeland Security from the USA)
SKMorefield defeats D.I.S. (4-1) [Wednesday 7 September 2005 and Friday 9 September 2005]
Round 5 (Best out of 5) against Jac (Team Captain of World United)
D.I.S. defeats Jac (3-2) [Thursday 6 October 2005]
After this match I was suspended for 2 rounds due to "excessive trash talk" and after an unfortunate posting about it on the forum, which was wrongfully interpreted, kicked out of Team Orange and the Nations Cup.

NATIONS CUP 2006 (as part of Rail Barons from the USA)
Round 1 (Best out of 5) against Rogue (FINg-SHUi from Finland/Switzerland)
D.I.S. defeats Rogue (3-2) [Wednesday 13 September 2006]
Round 2 (Best out of 5) against Rolli (Team Captain of GUT from Germany)
Rolli defeats D.I.S. (3-0) [Friday 15 September 2006]
Round 5 (Best out of 5) against Adriano (Team Captain of The Underdogs from Germany)
Adriano defeats D.I.S. (3-0) [Wednesday 11 October 2006]
Round 7 (Best out of 5) against Youki (Team Orange from The Netherlands)
Youki defeats D.I.S. (3-0) [Wednesday 25 October 2006]
Rail Barons do not have enough points to go to the semi-finals and are out of the Nations Cup.

NATIONS CUP 2007 (as part of TNT, a transnational team)
Round 1 (Best out of 5) against Schnupferl (NewComerZ from Germany)
Schnupferl defeats D.I.S. (3-0) [Friday 14 September 2007]
Round 2 (Best out of 5) against CC Express (Canadian Crazy Canucks from Canada)
D.I.S. defeats CC Express (3-1) [Wednesday 19 September 2007]
Round 4 (Best out of 5) against Womble (German Train Smashers from Germany)
Womble defeats D.I.S. (3-0) [Friday 28 September 2007]
Round 5 (Best out of 5) against Aralai (Catalunya from Spain)
D.I.S. defeats Aralai (3-1) [Wednesday 10 October 2007]
Round 7 (Best out of 5) against RFAD (Team Captain of White TGV from France)
D.I.S. defeats RFAD (3-1) [Wednesday 24 October 2007]
TNT is kicked out of the Nations Cup in the Quarter Finals with 2-3 by SOS, another transnational team consisting of Dutch, Swiss and Finnish members.

TTR WORLD LEAGUE SEASON 7, 2011, Division F2 (Hobos, West)
D.I.S. defeats Snowstar (5-2) [Sunday 9 January 2011]
D.I.S. and Maskaride tie (3-3) [Sunday 9 January 2011]
Karin1961 defeats D.I.S. (5-2) [Tuesday 11 January 2011]
Ironhorse1 defeats D.I.S. (4-2) [Tuesday 11 January 2011]
Häxxli defeats D.I.S. (6-1) [Thursday 27 January 2011]
Ishamael defeats D.I.S. (4-2) [Friday 28 January 2011]
Final result: 7th place (out of 7)

TTR WORLD LEAGUE SEASON 11, 2012, Division E2 (Coal Shovelers – Rear)
D.I.S. defeats ~Maf (4-3) [Tuesday 3 July 2012]
JenAck defeats D.I.S. (4-2) [Wednesday 11 July 2012]
AGT-Technikerin defeats D.I.S. (4-3) [Wednesday 11 July 2012]
D.I.S. defeats UKB GSV (4-3) [Sunday 12 August 2012]
PRUE Miguel Trouxas D'Ovos forfeited the match (lack of time) [Friday 14 September 2012]
Final result: ??

NATIONS CUP 2012 (as part of WASA, a transnational team)
Round 3 against Pacap - Buzet (Rosé from France)
D.I.S. defeats Pacap - Buzet (3.5-2.5) [Saturday 6 October 2012]
Round 4 against Truckerteller (SOS, a transnational team)
Truckerteller defeats D.I.S. (4-2) [Wednesday 17 October 2012]
Round 6 against Ommie (AMD from the USA)
Ommie defeats D.I.S. (5-1) [Saturday 27 October 2012]
Team WASA wins the Nations Cup!

Big thanks to Sir Alan R. Moon for creating this amazingly clever game back in 2004, the Days of Wonder team for all their hard work and making sure things always stayed pleasant around here and to all the people I have had the pleasure to go head to head in railroad combat with.

Before I go, I'm just retiring from forum activity. I'm still active in the Steam app, where I will mercilessly beat you and steal your precious ELO points, always in pursuit of that number 1 spot, to be the best in the world. You might see me from time to time, issueing an open challenge. Feel free to take me on. But just remember that when you do, you do so at your own risk. Always keep in mind...

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