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November 2020
Mage Portal clarification Sun, 15 November 2020 03:13
Hey guys, I tried searching for this but couldn't find any ruling, so hopefully it hasn't been asked and answered already.

My girlfriend bought me Small World of Warcraft as an early Christmas present and I'm loving it so far, but there is one special power that we feel needs clarification. Mage Portal states that you can "exchange all tokens" between 2 magic zones, which seems straightforward enough, but does that also mean you can send your tokens to an empty magic zone as a conquest as well, or only swap tokens that are already on there?

Thanks in advance for any replies!
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August 2020
Re:Mage Portal clarification Thu, 19 November 2020 15:36
When I play with friends we consider this power to allow to place tokens from one Magic region to an empty one but I don't know about any official ruling, so you have to decide by yourself what is more appropriate, until clarified.
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