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Deep Blue: Some Rules Questions???? Wed, 27 January 2021 06:54
Just got the game after watching a few youtube videos. I tried it out tonight with just me and one other player. It was fun and we can't wait to play with more players. But I have 3 questions concerning rules.

#1 When I land on a tile (one that I have to flip over or one that is already right side up), the rules say to "place your boat on one of the empty colored scouting spots". Question, can I now move off the tile on a future turn, or am I stuck there until someone Dives?

#2 When someone DIVES, rules say boats within one space away can join in the dive. This can result in 2 boats of the same color on the same tile. What would be the advantage of doing this? Does each boat get VPs? If Blue or Black Gems are pulled, does a player with 2 boats on that tile need to play 2 blue or black counter attack cards?

#3 DIVE SITE BOARD, at the bottom, it shows a silver Gem x7 = 1, and a gold Gem x3 = 2. BUT, in the rules under COLLECT VP, including the picture examples on the opposite page, the rules say 2 VP FOR EACH GOLD, 1 VP FOR EACH SILVER (unless you have a boat on a silver or gold scouting spot, then 5 VP for gold, 3 VP for silver. SO, what does the X7 and X3 mean? The COLLECT VP rules do not match the DIVE SITE BOARD
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Re:Deep Blue: Some Rules Questions???? Wed, 27 January 2021 17:15
Hello fellow diver Smile

1. You can move of if you want to.

2. It says "can join the dive" having two boats go there does not help in the dive. You get no more points (or penalties) for having 2 boats there. The only way it could help you is to move a boat closer to another place you want to go to.

3. The 7x Silver 3x Gold 1x Red 0x Green 0x Purple are the amounts of that color in the bag at the beginning of the game, when the extra gems related to the cards are still on the board. So you can easily check how many of what are in the bag by looking at the dive board and the playing board.
Under the Gems on the diving board are the correct VP/gem for a successful dive.

Hope this helps Smile
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