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WW16 Round 3 : Brécourt Manoir Wed, 12 May 2021 23:52
Round 3 : WW16 R3 "Brécourt Manoir" (by Vercingetorix1302)

Since the airdrop above Normandy scattered the airborne forces, only small units were able to get into action. One of the first organised combat actions of Easy Company was the fast and sneaky attack on the artillery battery at Brécourt Manoir. These guns formed a serious threat to the troops landing on Utah Beach.

The attack led by Lt. Dick Winters was swift and very succesfull, destroying all four guns and finding a map with all artillery positions in Normandy!

Round 3 :
The names of the 9 winners of the second round and the "best" defeated player (EMI44) have been dropped into a big box ... These matches were generated by drawing the names one at a time ...

Winn33 vs Junior72
The lion de belfort vs KeLian_05
EMI44 vs Invictus-TEAMDUSUD
Titanos vs Artimon
Cpl_Uhl vs DoctorSchizzo

And these are the matches for the defeated players from round 2: (Winners face winners and the defeated face each other)

SacaS vs Photios
Snoopmanu vs sampdv
deepnet vs mrmanley31
Zivago vs Didji

Manu 76 vs Jeronimon
Mr_Simon vs Misterfunny
mariuspdv vs Big Taz
tank commander vs Danjou

Brindavoine vs Pizzaz
tg37 vs lucky91
Mastergo - Team du Sud vs Valentin de Ramilies
Gonzalan vs thina67

* The first named player is "Players A"

* Please remember that each matches consists of 4 battles on the same scenario :
1) Player A (Allies) - Player B (Axis)
2) Player A (Axis) - Player B (Allies)
3) Player A (Axis) - Player B (Allies)
4) Player A (Allies) - Player B (Axis)

* The winner will be the player who ...
1) Has won the most medals across the four battles.
2) In case of a tie, the player who destroyed the most figurines will be the winner.
3) In case both medals and figurines tie, the player who saved the most Allied infantry will be the winner.

* You have three weeks for playing your matches of round 3. Please remember that all 4 games do NOT have to be played at the same day! But, since this scenario probably plays very fast, you could easily play all four games in a couple of hours.

* Please use this thread to post your results.

Good luck to all! And have a great time!
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Re:WW16 Round 3 : Brécourt Manoir Thu, 10 June 2021 22:50
Cpl_Uhl vs DoctorSchizzo

Game 1:
Cpl_Uhl (Allies) - DoctorSchizzo (Axis)
Medals (figures): 6 (17) - 2 (12)

Cpl_Uhl (Axis) - DoctorSchizzo (Allies)
Medals (figures): 6 (22) - 4 (15)

Cpl_Uhl (Axis) - DoctorSchizzo (Allies)
Medals (figures): 6 (22) - 5 (16)

Cpl_Uhl (Allies) - DoctorSchizzo (Axis)
Medals (figures): 6 (16) - 2 (9)

Medals (figures): 24 (77) - 13 (52)

Each game we had something strange thing with the dice or the cards.
- In game 1 Schizzo played the airstike at vision 3. The next turn 3 out of 4 were stars, I could counter and hit an artilley (crucial in the defence) and half an infanty unit. It was the nail on the coffin for the Axis.
- In game 2 I tried to manouvre my units into a defensive position (get the artillery out of the trenches so they can shoot). I have to give up my left flank and saved my center all for the right moment. Then I did draw a new all card and could finish the game.
- In game 3 I had an art assault to move my guns in position. I cost me 3 front infantry units while doing so. Then the dice luck totally shifted. Schizzo assaulted and threw below average and I killed 3 units in the counter. The last inf unit, tried to heal with the medics and only 1 fig was recovered. Like a banzai attack the airborne unit blocked a retreat of an artillery...no luck again for Shizzo (Dice 45-33%)
- In game 4 Shizzo was setting up a defence, but I had nothing to loose and could play freely. Positioned some infanty then I could go in. Same dice story. (On infantry 70-50%, overall 50-50%). The balanced % favores the Allies extreme as an artillery unit of the Axis is only 1 figure.

Schizzo thank you for the games. High level of gameplay and sorry for the dice/cards.
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