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  Interviews Nations Cup 2006 Tue, 01 August 2006 15:33

Last year i opened a similar thread in the german forum and it was a roaring success.

This is all fun. Nothing serious. Trash talk. But hopefully witty and funny.

As you all know, english is not my native language, no excuse! Shocked

bye, erps

P.S. Everybody is invited to contribute to this thread!

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  Drug Tests Now Tue, 01 August 2006 15:38
The german top player and winner of the last "best of seven tournament" erps is asking for drug tests for this years nations cup before the start of, during and after the tournament. We are proud to present the full interview taken at erps' home.

interviewer Why are you asking for such a drastic action? Were there some circumstances last year justifying this?

erps I will not talk about last year. No comment! But we can no longer deny that the whole sports world is in toutoune sorry constant struggle against drug abusers and bad sports. I think we need this year a blood sample of every participant BEFORE the tournament starts and one after the event. Of course, DOW must store these samples for 7 years because the cheaters are a little ahead of the prosecutors.

I Do you have evidence in some form?

erps Evidence? It's all written in the forum! Numerous times! Look at the french nation cup team!

I Interesting! A moment please, i have to check if both recorders are working!

erps Most of the french players are drunk all the time! And this is dangerous to others. You never know what they will do in such a state! Maybe a header? Or a threesome? You never know! The former number one is addicted to red wine as written in the forum and this "Kotay - in germany" too. He is a toutoune sorry constant threat to german women! And after the tragic loss of Razamanaz we germans have no one to keep up with them anymore!

I But this red wine thing was written by Peter de Zeeuw? There is no proof...

erps I beg your pardon! If there is a reliable source on a drug addict then it is another addict! And it is not only the red wine! This french woman, forgot her name, she is addicted to grumbling and conspiracy stories of me taking over the world. Me! Taking over the world... Hm....

I Okay, that are the french. We all know that they are only famous for giving the name to freedom fries. But what is with the other nations?

erps Ha! It's all the same. Every nation has another drug but they have it! Look at the americans. They are addicted to produce babies all the time and then blame their defeats to the little nuisances. Most of the american males are toutounly sorry constantly wearing testosterone plasters on their cojones as we now know! And that is not all! Lately, Baron von Schmidt, a former follower of Timothy Leary, is spilling his drug induced thoughts out openly!

I And the dutch?

erps Are you kidding? We all know that they are a bunch of drug abusers. Worse, they plague german motorways for years with their trailers. Don't smoke and drive! I know from reliable source that one of them has an asian background and another is toutounly sorry constantly on a journey round the world. Obviously one has the connections and the other is the courier! And read their posts! It's not possible to write such crap without being drugged all the time. They even had the nerves to ask DOW for a dutch forum they never use! It's only used by the belgians.

I Are they drug users too?

erps They share a border with the dutch as you all know! Okay, as all europeans know!

I And the australians?

erps I'm sure you are talking of the Austrians. No, they are sober. But they are all known cheaters.

I Finland?

erps They are addicted to fishing and saunaing.

I Last but not least. How about the german players? Are you ready to give your blood sample?

erps Of course all the german players are great sportsmen and women and we will never use drugs in any form to get an unfair advantage. We can prove this every time every day of the year.

I But i've heard that most german top players have a serious nut-nougat-cream or nutella problem?

erps That is nut er not true. We have nougathing er nothing to do with such things. We have the best creams er teams of the world and we will prove this with all the international community is requesting!

I Thank you very much for the interview. By the way, You have some cream on the left corner of your mouth.
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Re:Interviews Nations Cup 2006 Mon, 07 August 2006 19:41
Press conference - sitting at table are some members of the USA National Team, Homeland Security, along with their captain, SKMorefield.

Moderator: So, SKM, what do you think can explain the reasons for the USA's stunning collapse in last year's Nations Cup?

SKM: I can tell you without a doubt that nobody on our team used any performance-enhancing drugs.

Moderator: So, what you are saying is that you lost because you did NOT use performance-enhancing drugs?

SKM: Well, not exactly, but this is a problem that is very common in our sport. I am not accusing all of Red TGV's members or all the members of any other team, but, honestly, how else can you explain the German Chicken Train's semi-final finish? Oh, did I say that out loud? I meant to say that the German Chicken Train's finish was an inspiration to us all! Embarassed

Moderator: OK, so...

SKM: ...what I am saying is that performance-enhancing drugs are not just an American problem, well, or even an American problem at all! I am saying nobody on our team will or has used them, whatsoever, nada, none. I think all the tests will prove this, if not test A, then B, or C, or D...

Moderator: I didn't think anyone was accusing you, especially since you did finish in the bottom 5... who would suspect??

SKM: ... that was a low blow. Crying or Very Sad

Moderator: Moving on then! Smile Have you thought of the possibility that you could be playing a country and, in real life, your country might go to war with that country? How would you deal with that situation?

SKM: They would have to unconditionally surrender, of course. We will punish the evildoers, all of them!! Mad

Moderator: Just for the record, is there any particular country you would relish going to war with?

ElSoyokaze: I'll answer that. France, but of course!

What do you call 100,000 Frenchmen with their hands up?

The French Army.

How many Frenchmen does it take to defend Paris?

Nobody knows. It's never been tried.

Why don't they have fireworks at Euro Disney?

Because every time they shoot them off, the French try to surrender...

Moderator: AGAIN, moving along! Confused How does this year's team compare to last year's?

SKM: I think this year we have a better team than last year. Right now there are 6 American players in the top 40, 3 in the top 20. There has been a time where there were 5 American players in the top 20. I think this represents a trend upwards when it comes to American influence, because I think the American people can pretty much dominate any game or sport when we take a mind to it.

Moderator: So how does that explain America's defeat at the hands of the tiny nation of Ghana in soccer?

SKM: What is soccer?? Nobody here cares about soccer. We are counting down the days to when REAL football starts. Very Happy

Moderator: A question for kid: I think you would be the first to say your performance last year, while OK, wasn't at the usual level you would set for yourself. How will you go about training to improve this year.

thekid: Improve? I am at the brink of 1850! I am the greatest! Nobody can yodel like me!! I will block them to the negatives and watch them squirm as they try to go from Bern to France or wherever the crap they go on this map...

Moderator: NC is played on the USA map.

thekid: Oh... well I'll destroy them on that one too.

SKM: Don't count him out. thekid is arguably the best player in this game, and I think he will rebound nicely and have an excellent season this year.

Moderator: tprail, you are new to the team this year and although you are probably under-ranked now you have before reached as high as rank #3. How do you prepare for this your first NC?

tprail: I have been preparing for this my whole life (well, my whole TTR life). In addition to running up and down the steps at the local football stadium and taking natural hormone supplements, I have played over 7000 games. This is an average of over 10 games per day over the last year and a half. If that doesn't prepare me, I don't know what will! Twisted Evil

Moderator: ElSoyokaze, you played your last few games in March, and 10 games before that it had been December. How do you stay sharp for this tournament?

ElSoy: Yoga dude, yoga. Very Happy

Moderator: SKMorefield, much has been said of the brazen and outlandish posts by the Baron Von Schmidt. If he were to ask, would you make him a part of the team?

SKM: Perhaps, if the Baron can put his team above his Personality. I like the Baron. He is a nice guy. But if he plays on our team he will play by our rules. No grandstanding or self-promotion. He will have to walk the same line we all walk. This can be tough for a nobleman. We'll see... but yes, I'd like to have him.

Moderator: Will you have 2 teams or 1?

SKM: If we can recruit a few more players, then I'd love to have 2. That way we can play both against each other in the finals. Cool Rolling Eyes

That is the end of today's press conference. Players exit...

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Re:Interviews Nations Cup 2006 Fri, 11 August 2006 16:43
After the surprising interview with the US team we catched erps for a short reaction.

interviewer What do you say to the last statements of the american team?

erps I am in a hurry! American team? Okay there is always time to say something about the american "team".

I The captain of Homeland Security SKMorefield declined all reproaches of using performance-enhancing drugs and offered a possibility to explain the last years performance of the German Chicken Train.

erps Oh. Yes! Of course the americans used drugs last year, but they were not performance-enhancing. The chickens are not responsible for any used drugs. Have you ever seen how they live in their cages, fed up with hormones and penicilin? Additionally this is a hangover of the former German Democratic Republic. Everything is done to wipe out these die-hards.

I Do you think the americans will declare war to other nations during the nations cup?

erps Are there any left? Oh no, I don't think they will do so. But they use this as a pressure all the time. Last year our youngest player Donisl was not able to stay the course and he lost to ElSoyokamikaze. Donisl had to fear for his life, no wonder if you read the comments of this ElSoyokamikaze regarding the french. Ok, in the case of the french, he may be right.

I SKM is saying there are more americans in the tops and they will dominate TTR in the future. Your opinion?

erps Yes, yes. Of course there are more americans in the top 40, playing at night other americans on maps most of the americans don't know where the countries lies (not speaking of the cities!). I think they will dominate TTR the same as they dominate soccer, international baseball, basketball, ice hockey and pharmacycling.

I The number one Thekid is stronger as ever. He is unbeatable on the switz map. How will he perform this year?

erps Very good. I know now why he is so good after a abysmal performance a few months ago. The french woman, I forgot her name, gave me the clue. (Whispers) She often spoke of "rudekid" but she is a french. Her articulation is not good enough. She meant "root-kit". You remember the SONY root-kit a few months ago? He is using this now! Every player he plays with has secretly installed this evil program on his PC. He will never lose against those players. Of course I am arguably the smartest player and I fixed my firewall and hardened my PC. No chance for him and since this time I never lost to him.

I But he is a computer illiterate?

erps Ha! This is what he is saying! He is only acting! He was able to send me an Email without problems and he was able to sign in into my tournament system! But maybe he is a computer illiterate... This means there are some undetected powers behind this.

I SKM has invited Baron von Schmidt to join the team and the Baron accepted. Do you mind?

erps Oh no! It's like herding sheeps with a wolf, fighting fire with oil, putting the fox in charge of the henhouse, setting a thief to catch a thief, trusting the cat to keep the cream...

I Ok, ok. We are getting the picture! By the way, where are you heading now and in this hurry?

erps Oh! I have an appointment. See, there is a private clinic in spain. For recovery. Got the address from an old friend. Have to hurry. CU.

I Thank you very much for the interview.
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NC - last minute transfer of top player? Sun, 03 September 2006 23:12
A reporter working under cover in Vienna can proof that Mudda fka GTS-Mudda is negotiating a transfer to the Austrian team - here's the first interview:

I (interviewer): How shall I address you?

UCR (under cover reporter): Just Mr. X please - like to stay anonymous - there may be more secrets to discover

I: OK, Mr. X - what's the news?

UCR: Well - here's the proof that Austria is hiring foreign top players for their team - and they obviously got Mudda

I: How is that possible?

UCR: Rumour has it that Mr. Red Bull- Mateschitz is now investing in TTR teams - maybe because the success in formula1 and football is limited ... The transfer sum is said to be higher than anything ever paid for a Schalke player - but I can't give you numbers yet.

I: Ahhh - here comes Mudda - would you please comment on that

Mudda: Ooops - that was supposed to be top secret - sh... but well, as the proof is there I can just as well confirm that it's true

I: Indeed - wow! So what on earth made you leave your country?

Mudda: You see ... after all these postings by erps it became really embarrassing to be German - I just couldn't take it any more - and well, money, money - you know Wink

I: Here comes Kotay - Mr. Gewürztraminer what's your opinion on that?

Kotay: Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Mercenary teams Twisted Evil Twisted Evil unbelievable ... I mean - what's really unbelieveable it that all they offered me was a webcard Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

Mudda: Kotay - probably the reason is that dea likes handsome men - and my looks are a lot better than your's Laughing

Kotay: Nooooo!!! Not possible!!! Well, maybe I shouldn't have told her, that she's too old for me ....

I: Dea - a short statement please

Dea: As you can see we're all set to smash all those other unworthy NC-participants. We already managed to annex the golden train...

I: Any more transfers planned?

Dea: Come on - this one was supposed to be top secret, whatever else we do is top secret, if I catch this reporter I'll send Angel Lundgren to deal with him.

I: Mr.X - anything else you can tell us?

UCR: Hmmm not exactly. No proof yet. But I've heard about another Red Bull team called the Toro Rosso Juniors headed by a certain Mr. Simpson. Seems there are negotiations with people in Germany and Switzerland. And the Austrian Volleyball team has announced that they plan to power up their ladies team - but of course that may be coincidence - as I said - no proof yet.

I: Thanks for those stunning revelations - good luck for your further investigations. And may this Angel character never catch you!

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TEAM THINK RULES Mon, 04 September 2006 23:04
TEAM THINK RULES fect/ttr-effect.html

Disclaimer: This is satire. Everything is allowed. All Rights reserved by the company who owns the trademark.

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OLE sebbo
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Re:Interviews Nations Cup 2006 Mon, 04 September 2006 23:18
Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing

And remind the closer look to our brains: forum_team_think_02.jpg


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Re:Interviews Nations Cup 2006 Wed, 06 September 2006 05:18
Investigative Reporter: I must speak quietly as I have uncovered the secret lair of thekid. From here is where he unleashes all of his diabolical TTR plans upon the world. I see 4 midgets smoking cigars and drinking Tequila. I do not understand the significance so I will look around more. Whoa hubba hubba, who's the hottie, she seems to be telling the midgets to keep the cigar ashes off the floor. Uh oh I hear footsteps behind me.

thekid: What the %*#@ is the this? Who in the *$!& are you?

IR: Ah yes, hello Mr. kid, it is I, Alan Moon. I knew it was not humanly possible to be so good at all of my maps. And this underground operation proves it.

thekid: So the jig is up. The horror, the horror.

AM: So what do the midgets do?

thekid: Since I am completely computer illiterate I hired 4 of the best minds in the business of spying and hacking. Their job is to find out who my opponents are and then hack their computers. Ever wonder why when your tickets are say win-hou and dul-hou, the 6 green in your hand is met with my 6 green then laid on the track? These guys have my opponents screens right in my view. And their disguises, dressed as babies, my idea, pure brilliance. They could fly around the world and spy undecected. They just had to lay off the cigars while out in public. Some people did notice an odd smell from the bottles however.

AM: So who's the hottie?

thekid: Had to complete the illusion with a wife. Hand picked her myself, very easy on the eyes.

AM: So will you still compete in the NC now that you have been exposed.

thekid: Of course, but now I will have to go it alone. I can still pay them to be my cheerleaders though. Unlike all these other teams pictures who look as if they just drink beer and sit on the couch all day in a daze, our team will have some nationalistic pride. Cmon people show us your patriotism. Can you top this????????

Well apparently I am computer illiterate and don't know how to post a picture. Well if you know how to let me know.
Peter de Zeeuw
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Nations Cup Interview with D.I.S. (Part 1) Fri, 08 September 2006 17:38
Kicked out of the Nations Cup last year by his fellow countrymen and little hope on being selected this year. Still, The Ideal Son-Outlaw managed to find himself a new team. An interview between D.I.S. and DoW's Brice Figureau.

Brice: "Hi Peter. My first question to you is, are you disappointed that you are not selected by Team Orange this year?"

Peter: "No, not really. I didn't expect to be selected. If they had selected me, I would have played and give my utmost for them. But Bassie hasn't talked to me in a year, so it wasn't really a surprise."

Brice: "Yes, but Bassie is no longer team captain. Goan is now."

Peter: "True. And I have to say that Goan wrote me a decent PM, which I did not expect at all. Even if it was only to inform me I was not in the selection this year. He was afraid I was going to be an instable factor for the team and he said that selecting me wouldn't show much respect towards the members involved in 'the incident', so to speak."

Brice: "Do you have peace with that?"

Peter: "Well, Brice, there is something you and everyone else must understand. Some members of Team Orange have had an actual meeting with Jac and the Leleline's. And we all know that Bassie and Jac kinda like each other, if you know what I mean. I also happen to know that Jac still hasn't gotten over 'the incident' that happened last year. Baron Von Schmidt had a collision with her just recently. She hates his guts and she made it somewhat clear she still holds a grudge against me too. So with that all in mind, of course Goan didn't select me. He knows Jac and he knows Bassie besides Ticket To Ride. They are his friends. I can't blame him. I understand his position."

Brice: "So you are ok with it? No hard feelings whatsoever?"

Peter: "I have nothing against Jac or Bassie and I never had. What happened last year was an unfortunate misunderstanding and I already apologized for it. But I do wish that certain people, not just Jac and Bassie, would get over it."

Brice: "Certain people? Who are you talking about? I mean, if you want to tell us of course."

Peter: "Anu hasn't talked to me since. Thadd neither. Yeah, now that she is the TD she mentions me, but alright... Even the Leleline's stopped talking to me at a certain point and they weren't even in the Nations Cup last year. I do believe that it still all has to do with 'the incident'. I wish they would all get over it and stop being so oversensitive and pathetic about it. But you know what? It's ok. It's not my problem, it's theirs."

Brice: "Ok, clear. Now something else. These last weeks you were desperately trying to find a new team to compete with in the Nations Cup. You had an offer from the German Underdog Team and USA 3, now known as Rail Barons, the latter which you officially joined now."

Peter: "I wasn't desperate, Brice. I like the tournament, but it was not a matter of life and death to me. But yes, I'm grateful to be in Rail Barons now. I also appreciate the offer from the German Underdog Team very much. It's a cool team with a lot of sympathetic players. It is just that The Baron was a little quicker with his offer and my English is better than my German anyway."

Brice: "Ok. How far do you think your team will get in the tournament?"

Peter: "Like I told my teammates, I believe in a positive attitude. Of course skills matter in the first place and you need some luck too. But if you go to battle thinking you can take on the whole world, you increase your chance to win it. Realistic or not, with the right mentality, a positive attitude, you are capable of doing more than you would think is possible. Don't let anyone intimidate you."

Brice: "Ok, Peter, thank you for this interview. One more thing though. We at DoW are a little concerned about your 'trash talking', since now we officially sponsor the Nations Cup. Will you behave?"

Peter: "Can a pink elephant fly?"

Brice: "Ahhh... I don't know. Can he?"

Peter: "Then let's find out, shall we." Smug
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Re:Interviews Nations Cup 2006 Wed, 20 September 2006 17:34
(Post-match interview with HS Captain SKMorefield.)

Moderator: SKM, it seems like same-old same-old for Homeland Security. Your attempts to rebound from a horrible year has resulted in an 0-2 start and, what's worse, an 0-2 start against two FRENCH teams. Shocked What do you say to this?

SKM: I'm not here to make excuses. I think everyone knows we haven't started like we would have wanted. I mean, how much more humiliating can this be, losing to the French. Crying or Very Sad They are good players, yes, but still, there is something that just shakes me to the bone losing to them. Maybe it is because they are so... French... Mad So it does bother us, but we'll just have to plug on and see if we can get some wins.

Moderator: You were so highly ranked coming in...

SKM: Yes, but look at us now. Our average rating has plummeted. Right now we would be lucky to make the field in a Candyland tournament, much less the NC. Confused Maybe we needed some humble-pie, to show us we aren't as good as we thought we were. Crying or Very Sad

Moderator: Do you think you are out of the running so early?

SKM: Anything can happen, but we have to turn it around. There is a huge uphill climb now. We have had some bad breaks, some bad play, and some very good, spirited play by the opposition.

Moderator: You haven't contributed anything. You are 0-2. Others have done well and some not so well but you can't seem to get 3 wins together. Why is this?

SKM: I think anyone in the top 100 can beat anyone else in the top 100 best of 5 on any given day. I have played and lost to 2 excellent players who knew what they were doing out there. So, give them any edge, a good ticket combo vs a bad one for me, wilds, a mistake by me, and they will take advantage. This is what good players do. Sure, in my last series it didn't help to get la-ny twice (the 2nd time combined with KC-Hous and my other choice being Bos-Miami), but if tiploup hadn't converted and played it well I might have beaten a lesser player (well, except for game 3... I don't think I could have beaten anyone on game 3 unless their tics were ny-atl and den- elp. Sad )

So really a 50+ point difference doesn't mean a whole lot when you get past 1600. This, I might add, is another reason why we're not totally out of this thing yet. Anything can happen! After all, Spain beat Red TGV last week!

Moderator: What do you think about the current scandals with your star player, thekid?

SKM: (sighs) I knew you would get to this, but I was hoping not. thekid is thekid, and will do what he wants. Other than putting him in the lineup I have no control over him. Do I agree with everything he has said and done? No. As his 'captain' am I going to condemn him? No. He is a team player and as far as I know an honerable guy. I think maybe ever since that book was written about his allegations of performance-enhancers, thekid has had something of a chip on his shoulder. Very Happy But is he still the best in this game? Absolutely!

Moderator: Do you agree with him dropping his points?

SKM: I wouldn't have done it, but then again I don't have the confidence to give away a couple hundred points and think I'm going to gain them back anytime soon. I lose my points kicking and screaming, not to bots and guests. Laughing However, he has a right to do what he wants with his points because, after all, they are his. I do think the allegations of cheating are preposterous. kid wouldn't dream of cheating. However, maybe he wants to make his opponents avoid temptation, or maybe keep ppl from scouting him.

Regardless, if DoW would fix the observation system all would be OK. Maybe they will soon.

I will say that the rulings of the TD stand, regardless of anyone who might post to disagree. I very much appreciate Thadd and her efforts.

Moderator: What do you think of erp's suggestion that there might not be a NC next year?

SKM: I agree that erps has done more for this community than anyone and I very much appreciate him, but... no Nations Cup?? Shocked Why that is preposterous! I hope as long as there is a TTR community there is a NC every year. Do the scandals and the complaining and the bickering between players really matter in the scheme of things?? No! Most players just ignore this and play on, as they should.

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Vainqueur Nation Cup AdR 2006

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Re:Interviews Nations Cup 2006 Sat, 30 September 2006 22:37
Moderator: Welcome folks to just another interview, today its GTS Mudda with me, captain of...

GTS Mudda: Sorry, Im no captain any more, its Tofras job right now!

Moderator: Uh! Thx for info! Dude hows it goin?

GTS Mudda: Fine how are u?

Moderator: Thx. So whassup - u and GTS are planning for the future after NC06?

GTS Mudda: U nuts? Were still in, 2 losses and 1 "bye" week doesnt mean a thing...

Moderator: But Underdogs and FINg ShUI were the much better teams!?

GTS Mudda: GOSH, are u kiddin? Lucky, sorry lovely Anu with 29 Lokos in 4 games and a really lucky Make versus Maia improved that a bis factor in deciding a T2R match is still combined with coincedence...

Moderator: Is the loss versus Anu the reason why u are not playig this week?

GTS Mudda: Did u comb ur hair with a hammer today?! Ín our team every member is playin once in a while...

Moderator: What is the mood in GTS Team after being on one ladders step with the DOW-Crew..?

GTS Mudda: We the GTS Team have respect for all the teams in the world but we expect the same grade of respect from others...

Moderator: Handkerchief Mudda?

GTS Mudda: Moron! We had a very bad start but we have some chances to ride back on lane of success...

Moderator: Good luck for that! What about these weird rumours about your swap to Team Austria?

GTS Mudda: The deal failed shortly before NC started, i got another impressive offer from Team FC Schalke 04, but they kept player #10 named Lincoln and he is definetely the most valuable player in Germany in the moment.

Moderator: Some Erps rumours say that Dea1 is pregnant, u have a clou who might be father of this upcomin T2R genious?!

GTS Mudda: Angel6? Staycool? Not me, I just enjoyed playing(!!!) with her in Vienna!!!

Moderator: Are u still sad about losing the GOLDEN TRAIN to Golden Womble?

GTS Mudda: She earned it more than anybody else... Im still lookin forward to her posted picture!

Moderator: Anything more to say?

GTS Mudda: We the GTS Team send our shoutouts to DOW, thadd and Shamogi for makin the NC possible and interesting. All the other teams: have fun during NC and keep on playin!!!

Moderator: Thx Mudda!

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Re:Interviews Nations Cup 2006 Sun, 01 October 2006 15:15
I love you Mudda. I'm a big fan of you. I love any thing you are anything you do.
And much more I love your generosity with me Very Happy
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Re:Interviews Nations Cup 2006 Thu, 05 October 2006 17:52
The well-known investigative journalist Edgar Ronald P. Secret, writer of the international bestseller "Cheaters - they are everywhere" and the trilogy "I was captured by aliens", "The aliens brought me back" and "Why are the aliens are not coming back?", has discovered the world of Ticket To Ride lately. We met him in Paris, near the headquarter of DOW.

Moderator Hello, Mr. Secret. Why Ticket To Ride? And why paris?

E.R.P.S. Ticket to Ride Online is the community with the highest growth rate in access and memberships lately. The growth is so extraordinary that Days Of Wonder moved the whole computing power to another data center. I think there are some illuminated powers behind this as the now running so called "Nations Cup" shows!

M "So called"? Do you think there is another reason behind the NC than fun and competition?

E.R.P.S. Fun? It's proven that no human being is doing anything for "fun". We are all determined to do things for our own benefit and the benefit of the group(s) we belong to. Competition? Yes. For world domination. As you know the world is fragmented into spheres of interests between the secret groups of the Illuminated.

M Why are they secret if everybody knows they exist?

E.R.P.S. Oh, you don't know half the truth of what i know. I think every human being knows on a subconscious level that something is going on with this world.

M Yes, yes, alright... And how is this "conspiracy theory" working together with TTR and the NC?

E.R.P.S. Cancel the "theory". This IS a conspiracy! Only weirdos are talking of conspiracy theories like the french woman, i forgot her name...

M Marie Curie? Madame Bovary?

E.R.P.S. No, no. Doesn't matter. [Leans forward and whispers] This years NC is THE fight for world domination between the greatest interest groups of the universe. The winner will dominate the world finance, economic and military for 23 years!

M But the NC is every year? Domination for one year seems not very good to me...

E.R.P.S. No, some rumours already said, there will be no NC next year and see: They are like locusts, they destroy their battleground completly and start a new fight 23 years later, maybe disguised as horse-racing or as rubik's magic cube like 23 years before this clash.

M That .... thing was the struggle for world domination?

E.R.P.S. Of course, everybody above some level of knowledge knows this. It's a fact.

M Errr, back to the topic. IF every team is a representative of an ... Illuminati group which team represents which power and what is DoW?

E.R.P.S. Not as easy as it looks. Haven't figured out all teams yet. DoW, of course is a minor power in the whole game. They are choosen as the "neutral ground" for this and are allowed to compete too. But you see their results, their efforts are only a token gesture. After the event they will give gifts, power and support to the winner as all others will do to some degree. The easiest group to recognize are the WHITE TGV.

M Really? Who are they?

E.R.P.S. They are the X-Men! It was pure coincidence that i discovered that, because one member of another Team called the leader of them (of course NOT the captain, the captain is never the leader!) Xavier. It's Professor X. The men behind are named for the part of France they are covering with their power. As you see nearly the half of France is in the hand of these superhumans. Origami is able to fold metal like paper, EPO can live without breathing air, Nighteye can see in the dark and Krill is able to transform into a swarm of little animals. Their chief Xavier or "Reading followers are dumb" is able to manipulate every person who reads his extremly long and dull texts. Fortunately for the other groups his power works only with the french language. The other french team, the reds, are also X-Men, but they are the followers of Magneto.

M Magneto? Nobody has this name in the red team?

E.R.P.S. It's toutoune. He is able to extract the intelligence from every other person he plays with and boost his ELO to impossible heights. As usual this was proven a few months ago.

M As you are saying that the french are COMIC heroes, I assume that the Americans are aliens...

E.R.P.S. Wrong. That are the Austrians! Look at their pictures and you will see... And remember their nick names, a lot "Out-of-this-world"-names.

M And the german are followers of some old germanic cult, i believe.

E.R.P.S. Some of them may be, but the leader of the best german team is consul Donisl, a Bavarian, one descendant of the original Bavarian Illuminati, the most powerful group of all times.

M What are their superhuman powers?

E.R.P.S. They have no. They are Bavarians. They are mean, ruthless, corrupt and dastardly. Wonderful skills to rule the world.

M And the americans...?

E.R.P.S. They are weak at the moment. One of them is the leader of the Midget Mutant Unit (MMU), a player of Italian descent, easy to blend in for him... Another american group is based on old drug tests with LSD. The same goes with the dutch, an old group which tries to dominate people with drugs. Tactics not working anymore today.

M Thank you very much for this enlightening interview Smile

E.R.P.S. Ehm, a few questions. When will this interview appear in print? And speaking of my royalty...

M You will hear from us! Not before the 23rd of this month. And you will get 2323.23 dollar.

E.R.P.S. [turning pale] I have to go!

M There you go! Always works...
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Re:Interviews Nations Cup 2006 Fri, 06 October 2006 01:42
erps schrieb am Thu, 05 October 2006 17:52

M As you are saying that the french are COMIC heroes, I assume that the Americans are aliens...

E.R.P.S. Wrong. That are the Austrians! Look at their pictures and you will see... And remember their nick names, a lot "Out-of-this-world"-names.

M: Any comments on that from Austria?

Anonymous Austrian Reporter (AAR)
E.R.P.S eventually got something right -COMIC = certainly our magic is convincing.
Somehow they manage to transfer locos, good ticks, anything ...

M: Indeed? How is that possible?

AAR: It seems they have some direct connection to the lord above - Some strange goddess, Angel's choirs, a priest ...

M: The lord? But doing such things sounds rather evil to me?

AAR: Err.. hmmm.. maybe... in a way... yes... there are rumours that the captain is pregnant and the father is 'don't even mention the name' ... hmmm... err... don't know ... but maybe... there could be a connection ... no - I can't say that ...

M: OK, we understand - thx for talking to us
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Re:Interviews Nations Cup 2006 Thu, 12 October 2006 19:32
Erwin Decker (famous writer in the German "BILD"): Hello again to just another interview clash and welcome Muddaihrsohn...

GTS Mudda: Shut up assmunch, its GTS Mudda, so hard to understand?! Mad

ED: Ok, GTS Mudda, you and your team have won the first game in running NC and the chances in winning versus Team orange are more than good, wadda think about your current situation?

GTS Mudda: I told all of you, we come back and will fear the other teams in the quarter finals... Cool

ED: No doubt, what is your mood after 5th round?

GTS Mudda: Well - Im looking forward to saturday, its GTS Judgement Day, all three clashes will be fought on this one day and after that we will drink beer and eat cheese breads - oh no !!! Bratwurst all night long! Twisted Evil

ED: Seems you still kept your sense of humour, right?!

GTS Mudda: I prefer talkin about next week cause its a long registered wish to play versus BvB 09 of team GUT!

ED: Why that?!

GTS Mudda: You know what this BvB 09 is actually meaning?! I thought u were an expert in sports!?

ED: I guess he identifys with Borussia Dortmund an excellent soccer team in the...

GTS Mudda: AH AH AH, stop it, no matter ure goin to say, stop it! Mad

ED: But Mudda... Confused

GTS Mudda: You know, the games are set to be played on monday afternoon cest but i can feel the air in the Ruhrpott area now already! Steamy clouds will move from FC Schalke 04 to BvB Borussia Dortmund and they gonna beat the shit outta team GUT...

ED: Why are so mad, Mudda? Is it still this well known war between fans of both soccer teams?

GTS Mudda: Once there was a wise guy that mentioned "the 3rd World War is not gonna be decided of atomic weapons but from ENERGY DELIVERANCE"... Now me:


ED: Gosh, i will watch these games and to be honest - i dont want to swap with GUT BvB09...

GTS Mudda: U bet... c ya!
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  Star Ticket - The next generation Wed, 18 October 2006 15:14
Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Gamegeek. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new games, to seek out new tactics and new gameplay, to boldly win where no one has won before.

Cast of characters:

Captain Bassie
Commander "number one" Mudda
Lt. Commander Zeno
Lt. Commander RFAD
Ship's counselor Léachris
Chief medical officer Jac
Security Chief Lieutenant SKM
Ensign Simpson

Episode One: Traveling To Romulus

Control room of the starship Gamegeek. The android Lt. Commander Zeno is on duty during the night watch. Some beeping and light flickering in the background. Captain Bassie enters.

Bassie: Everything went ok, Lt. Commander?

Zeno: Yes, captain, it was a silent watch. I recounted all possibilities to play tic-tac-toe and made a ship-wide statistic report of the win/loss percentage of all crew members. But the remaining 7 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds and 997 milliseconds went undisturbed. May I ask a question, Sir?

Bassie: You may ask.

Zeno: Why is it the time not doing anything seems longer than the time with activity?

Bassie: Because you are boring err bored. It's a human motion.

Zeno: But i am not human. I should not feel anything like that?

Bassie: But your creators were humans. So maybe they have done something with your programming and ... What is that? Magnify! On the Screen!

The screen shows a lot of stars and some colored lines between them. The colors are green and red and blue and... you name it

DumbBot (Ship's Computer): Blëh. No analysis possible. Unsufficent data. Breakdown of structural integrity is imminent in 30 seconds.

Bassie: Bridge to Engineering. Bridge to Engineering. Lt. Commander RFAD, do you hear me? Can you fix the problem?


Bonjour les Reds ! Votre capitaine m'a embaucher hier soir à minuit pour faire un petit topo sur votre situation après 5 journées. Une sorte d'audit de la part d'un White TGV qui viens visiter l'usine (familiale) à champion du monde (version 2005 mais j'ai toute confiance pour 2006) :

Qu'est-ce que cela donne ? et bien vous voyez comme moi que si la compétition s'achevait aujourd'hui les Red TGV et les White TGV seraient qualifié mais, attention, la réalité est nettement plus nuancée et je vais tacher de vous expliquer en détail les différents cas de figure possible dans la "grande course aux quart-de-finale"

Les Reds TGV ne sont pas vraiment dans la même catégorie que les White TGV mais l'eventail des possibilités, à deux journées de la fin, est large : de la 1ère place à la... 6ème place, de nombreux cas de figures peuvent être envisagés même si l'équipe à toutes les cartes en mains pour obtenir son billet pour le grand 8 Smile

I - La tête dans les étoiles : le combat des chefs

Cette place de N°1, convoitée par 8 équipes au départ ne pourra plus echapper à l'une des 3 équipes de tête après 5 journée : les autrichiens, les OLE et les Reds TGV.

Les OLE, invaincu depuis le début de la competition ont leur destin entre leur main et un calendrier a priori favorable. En effet, sur les 4 Top Team initiales (Homeland Security, Autrichiens, OLE et red TGV), les OLE ont déjà joué (et gagné) contre les Homeland Security et les Autrichiens.
Ce n'est pas le cas des Autrichiens qui n'ont affronté que les OLE (défaite) et vont manger coup sur coup les Reds TGV puis les Homeland Security (qui joueront leur place en quart de finale sur ce match) et des Red TGV qui eux jouent carrement leurs deux adversaires directs (autrichiens puis OLE) pour finir cette phase de qualification !

Un calendrier dementiel pour ces trois équipes mais un affrontement a priori abordable pour les OLE contre les White TGV qui ne leur assure qu'un "petit" avanatge car leurs nombreuses victoires étriquées ne leur ont pas donné un goal average très intéressant (+9 comme les Red TGV tandis que les Autrichiens ont +11) et, en cas de defaite contre les Red TGV, ils pourraient être a égalité avec les Reds TGV (si ces derniers ont gagnés leurs deux matchs) ou les Autrichiens (si ils battent les HS et les Red).
Tout cela donne 3 cas de figure : un ou le 1er est seul au monde, un ou il y a deux équipes en haut de l'affiche et le dernier ou c'est l'embouteillage au sommet !

=> Un seul au-dessus de la mêlée :

* Les OLE sont 1er a 100% si ils gagnent leurs deux rencontres. Pas de chichis, ils sont invaincus, bravo.
* Les Autrichiens sont 1er à 100% si ils gagnent leurs deux matchs, que les OLE perdent leurs deux matchs et que les Red TGV n'en gagnent qu'un (configuration parfaitement jouable si les autrichiens battent les Red TGV ET que les White TGV battent les OLE et qu'à la dernière journée les Autrichiens battent les Homeland Security ET les Reds TGV battent les OLE)
* Les Red TGV sont 1er a 100% si ils gagnent leurs deux rencontres (les OLE ne pouvant pas gagner mieux que 3/2 lors du round 6 contre les White TGV ils ne créeront pas d'écart au niveau goal average et les Red passeraient devant à coup sur).

=> Les duelistes :

Un seul N°1 avec certitude, ça vous parait "trop facile" ? pas de soucis, il y a de nombreux cas ou l'issue de ce round robin voit deux équipes se regarder en chien de faience pour savoir QUI prendra la place de N°1.
Des duels serrés en perspective si l'on regarde le goal average actuel et le programme en perspective : sur les 4 rencontres qui concernent Red TGV, Autrichiens et OLE, je serais près à parier qu'au moins... 3 d'entre elle se finiront par un 3/2 (pour rappel on aura : Austria / Red TGV et OLE / White TGV puis HS / Austria et Red TGV / OLE). Les differentes configurations sont donc nombreuses mais regardons ce qui se passerait en cas de duel :

Autrichiens / OLE :
Cela voudrait dire que les OLE ont perdu une rencontre de plus que les autrichiens... Le +11 des autrichiens passerait donc automatiquement à +12 tandis que le +9 des OLE passerait en +8.....
On regarde alors la seconde rencontre qui est soit une victoire pour les deux (3/2, 4/1 ou 5/0) ce qui ne permet, dans le meilleur des cas, aux OLE que de remonter a +13 (victoire 5/0) alors que les Autrichiens seraient eux dans le pire des cas (victoire 3/2) également a +13.
On se pencherait alors sur le nombre de parties gagnées et là c'est de l'arrachage de cheveux en perspective car les OLE sont à +24 et les Autrichiens à +23 mais arrêtons de rêver : voir un 5/0 dans le match OLE - White TGV ou OLE - Red TGV c'est de la science fiction et donc l'avantage en cas de double victoire autrichienne si dans le même temps les OLE ne font pas carton plein sera très clairement aux premiers nommés.
=> En cas d'égalité entre Autrichiens et OLE je donnerais la 1ère place aux autrichiens.

OLE / Red TGV :
Même configuration que precdemment : pour ce cas de figure il faudrait que les Red TGV gagnent une fois de plus que les OLE. Comment faire ça ? c'est "facile" : il faut gagner les deux dernières rencontres puisque la dernière sera un OLE-White TGV.
Dans ce cas là, le resultat final est facile à prevoir puisqu'on connait déjà quelques débuts de matchs du round 6 : les OLE et les Red TGV ont tous les deux +9 au goal average mais les OLE et les Red TGV ne peuvent gagner cette rencontre du Round 6 que 3 à 2 (ils sont actuellement tous les deux menés 1 / 2 ).
Cela voudrait dire qu'avant la confrontation finale ces deux équipes arriveraient avec exactement le même goal average (+10) et donc la rencontre direct deciderait du classement en cas de victoire des Red TGV. Vous l'aurez compris : si les Red TGV rattrapent les OLE grace à deux victoires ils sont 1er.
Si ils les rattrapent grace à une victoire (contre les OLE) et une defaite, et donc que les OLE perdent leurs deux matchs (contre White et Red TGV) alors il n'y aura pas de duel pour la 1ère place à deux équipes : soit les autrichiens ont tout gagné et ils sont 1er seuls, soit eux aussi ont fait une victoire une défaite et on passe dans une egalité à trois (cf ci-dessous).
=> En cas d'égalité à deux équipes entre Red TGV et OLE ce sont les Reds TGV qui ont l'avantage.

Autrichiens / Red TGV :
Deux équipes au coude a coude en ce moment avec le même bilan : 4 victoires 1 defaite. Pour être à égalité à la fin il faudra que toutes les deux fassent mieux que les OLE.
Le cas "deux victoires pendant que les OLE ne gagnent qu'un match" est impossible puisque Red TGV et autrichiens se jouent lors du round 6 mais le cas une victoire chacun (Autrichiens battent Red TGV et ensuite Autrichiens perdent contre Homeland Security ET Red TGV battent OLE) alors que les OLE encaissent deux defaites est envisageable.
Vous l'aurez remarqué, cela implique une defaite des Red TGV contre les autrichiens qui passeraient donc minimum a +12 tandis que les red TGV descendraient à +8. Il y aurait donc 4 d'écart au goal average ce qui obligerait les Red TGV a battre les OLE 4/1 en esperant une defaite des Autrichiens sur le même score face aux Homeland Security. Improbable à mon humble avis.
=> En cas de duel Autriche/Red TGV je donnerais l'avanatge aux Autrichiens.

=> Ici bison futé : on annonce une journée rouge en haut du classement :

La première place pourrait également se jouer à "5 victoires" et non 6 si les OLE perdent leurs deux rencontres. Dans ce cas là on aurait une egalité à 3 assez monstrueuse si :
Round 6: Austria - Red TGV , OLE - White TGV
Round 7: HS - Austria , Red TGV - OLE

On regarderait une fois de plus le goal average total et les Autrichiens ayant un peu d'avance actuellement, ils seraient les mieux placés pour rafler la pole position (mais +2 d'avance lorsque l'amplitude peut aller de -10 en cas de double 0/5 à +10 en cas de double 5/0, est-ce tant que ça ?)

II - Les mains dans le camboui... pour assurer la qualification !!!

Je n'avais pas prévu ce chapitre lorsque j'ai analysé le classement hier mais Elric m'a demandé d'être exhaustif et, comme je vous l'ai dit en introduction, si les Red TGV peuvent viser la 1ère place ils peuvent, dans un affreux concours de circonstances (et en mettant beaucoup de mauvaise volonté) finir... 6ème !

Soyons clair : une seule victoire lors des deux derniers matchs assurerait la qualification des Red TGV, au pire à la 3ème place mais nous connaissons tous la qualité des adversaires des Red TGV (les autrichiens et les OLE, actuellement N°1 et 2 de la poule) et l'on est obligé de se pencher sur le cas ou les Red TGV finiraient cette phase de poule avec deux défaites.

Pourquoi 6ème et pas 7ème pendant qu'on y est ?
Bonne question mais j'ai la réponse ! L'egalité à 4 équipes (Pre Emptive Strike, Catalunya, Homeland Security et White TGV) se ferait si chacune de ces équipes avait 3 victoires 4 defaites et donc les Red TGV seraient 3ème quoi qu'il arrive. Cool non ? Razz

Mais comment finir 6ème ?
On l'a vu, il faudra deux défaites des Red TGV et en face deux victoires des Catalunya, des Homeland Security et des White TGV.
Ainsi Red, HS, Espagnols et White auraient 4 victoires 3 defaites et on sortirait les calculette.
Un petit coup d'oeil au goal average montre que les Homeland Security et les White TGV ont actuellement +1 et les Catalunya -1.
On parle bien de la 6ème place ? donc il faut que les Catalunya passent devant les Red TGV et l'on sait que les espagnols vont jouer DoW. Supposons qu'ils gagnent 5/0 : ils passeront à +4 tandis que les Red TGV, au pire perdraient 1/4 contre les Autrichiens et seraient donc à +6 et encore devant. Reste la rencontre contre les PES pour les Espagnols (ils mènent actuellement 1/0) et si les Red TGV perdent 2/3 tandis que les espagnols gagnent 3/2 on regarderait le goal average des parties... et les espagnols, qui vont engranger contre DoW passeraient devant.
Bon, les espagnols c'est reglé : ils gagnent 5/0 contre les DoW et 3/2 contre les PES et ça passe... et pour les Homeland Security ? ils affontent egalement DoW et donc devraient passer à +6. Par contre ensuite ils jouent les autrichiens. La on peut se dire que ça sera serré et qu'ils ne gagneront que 3/2 (n'oublions pas qu'on parle de cas defavorable mais pas de cas inimaginable). Ils seraient alors à +7 tandis que les Red TGV passeraient de +9 à +7 AU MIEUX si ils perdent deux fois sur la plus petite des marges...
Les Homeland Security c'est reglé ? et bien il reste les confrères des White TGV qui jouent les OLE (un gros morceau tout de même) et qui, si ils les battent vont passer de +1 à +2 ou +4 dans le pire des cas pour les Red TGV (victoire 4/1 des White). Ensuite ils joueront les PES, surement demobilisés si ils perdent contre les Catalunya et une victoire 4/1 n'est pas impossible (mais les Reds sont bien placés pour parler de la qualité de cet advesraire). PAF : on passe soit de +2 à +5 ou mieux de + 4 à +7 et donc les White TGV passeraient devant leurs collègues !
=> Bon, vous l'aurez compris, pour être 6ème, il en faut beaucoup : double défaite des red TGV, double victoire "XL" des Homeland Security, Catalunya et White (sachant que sur ces 6 matchs il y a un White-OLE et un Homeland-Autriche !) mais puisqu'on a dit qu'on regardait tout ça et bien je le fait !

Bon 6ème c'est pas gagné mais 5ème, c'est possible ? (en même temps c'ets vraiment une place a la con :s)
Pour finir 5ème, il faut que les Red TGV perdent leurs deux rencontres et que deux des équipes parmi les Catalunya, les Homeland Security et les White TGV en gagne deux.
On retombe alors dans le cas précédent (tout ce que j'ai dit ci-dessuss) et la 5ème place est "envisageable" (rien que d'écrire ça, ça me dégoute :s )

Et puis qu'on a parlé de 1, 2, 3 et 7, 6, 5 est-ce qu'on peut finir 4ème ?
Mais biensur ! même cas que précédent mais avec une seule équipe (ou deux et les goal average qui se melangent) ou 3 (idem) ou 4 (idem).

III - Conclusion et pronos persos

2 défaites des reds TGV ? franchement, si ça arrive et que vous êtes éliminés ça ne me fera ni chaud ni froid : c'est comme au foot lorsqu'on dit "ouin, on a joué le Bresil en quart de finale, on a pas eu de chance !". Vous comptez remporter cette seconde édition de la Nation Cup ? vous vous DEVEZ de battre des équipes du niveau des Autrichiens et surtout des OLE !

Je pense que vous avez une équipe suffisament solide pour aller en quart de finale et bien plus loin et donc je ne m'apesantirais pas sur les resultats qui vous ferait finir 5ème ou 6ème.

La rencontre face aux Autrichiens est delicate mais si vous la perdez (j'ai bien dit SI) il y aura ensuite le match contre les OLE pour vous relancer et il ne faut pas negliger que les White TGV et les Homeland Security vont jouer deux gros matchs (respectivement contre les OLE et... les Autrichiens) et donc vous avez votre destin entre les mains (et même un un joker en plus).

Bon courage pour la fin du match contre les autrichiens et GO GO GO les petits Reds : je trouve qu'il y a un peu de flottement cette année et il ne faut pas vous laisser aller ! Vous êtes des champions et le rail ça se joue a 50% dans la tête (avant même de voir les objectifs, les couleurs, le nom de l'adversaire...) alors on retourne à l'entrainement et on se bouge les fesses.

DumbBot: Blëh. Breakdown of structural integrity was 2 hours ago. Restart successful.

Bassie: Oh, hm, what? Never mind! Where are my commanding officers when i need them? Number One, enter the bridge, quick!

Commander Mudda is entering the bridge in a hurry. His face is smeared with lipstick, his zipper is open and his uniform (a blue-white tracksuit of unknown age) is crumpled.

Mudda: Gosh! Here i am old Swede! That was really something! I ... trained with 15 female crew members in a row, now i am available! What's the going?

Bassie: We have encountered a strange phenomena in the crab nebula ahead. A lot of stars connected with colored lines. And it is near the star system Romulus, the home system of our worst enemy.

Mudda: Hey, if it is a crap system, why bothering? I have a training session with this new cadet in 5 minutes...

Bassie: You stay! Your behaviour is near insubordination. I will record it with the other 478 entries in your personal record. Ah there they are, Counselor Léachris and Doctor Jac. Hi Sweetie!!

The two commanding officers are entering the bridge.

Jac: Love you Sweetie!

Bassie: Hm, me too, my little Cuty! ...

10 minutes later. Commander Mudda is joining again the crew on the bridge.

Bassie: Counselor? What do you sense?

Léachris: I sense a lot of mean spirit out there. Maybe it is a double account or some rude players? I am not sure about it so far.

Bassie: Is it dangerous?

Léachris: Oh i am not sure about it. Could be. Or not. Maybe. Possible. Or not!

Bassie: Chief of Homeland Security Lieutenant SKM, join the bridge!

SKM (standing behind the captain): Sir, i am here, Sir!

Bassie: For god's sake. Don't do this again to me!

SKM is stopping the audio recorder and places his energy weapon in holster.

Zeno: Captain. We are hailed from a romulan ship.

Bassie: On the screen.

The screen shows a dark computer room and a strange man eating cheese and setting some color lines on another screen. He is adressing the Captain.

Romulan Commander Youki: Hello prutser!

Léachris: I sense this man is trying to insult you.

Youki: I think you want to play our newest game, "Traveling To Remulus". You have to connect our stars with warp-1 to warp-6 travels for reaching some pre-defined stars. But beware. We are the masters of blocking and dirty play. Our great emperor ERPS the First will grant you an audience. And you are all prutsers as i see now!

Bassie: This is ridiculous! Code Red. Engage enemy ship with photon torpedos and all phasers. Authorization Bassie-Omega-Sweety-Two. Enable pilke-maneuver. Engineering. Prepare to shoot!

RFAD - Saint-Emilion schrieb am Tue, 17 October 2006 23:49

Ils sont vraiment PHE-NO-ME-NAUX !!! la la la la la lala la la la la lala.....

Que dire, si ce n'est que je suis fier de mes coequipiers : aller juste pour le fun et parce qu'on n'entend pas assez souvent les noms au complet ( Krill : prochain defi, mettre RFAD - Saint-Emilion en entier dans le lobby Laughing ) voilà les héros de cette campagne de Nation cup qui n'ets aps encore finie mais un petit topo sur ceux qui ont fait un match donnerait :

TEE-Citeaux (c)

Notre capitaine qui gère les troupes d'une main de maitre a été malheureux en début de competition mais il vient de lancer un joli message à ses futurs adversaire : il est de retour Very Happy
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Une des petites petites nouvelles : un parcours quasi sans faute contre des adversaires de renom, un moral sinusoidale et un petit coté cinglant... attentention a ce pseudo petit poisson ! Rolling Eyes
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

L'invité de dernière minute, sans équipe fixe puisque la Belgique n'avait pas de representant cette année, c'est avec joie que nous avons accueilli ce redoutable competiteur Cool
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

En peu en retrait cette année, l'un des pilliers de l'équipe 2005 n'a que très peu jouer... il faut dire qu'en plein demenagement, difficile d etrouver le temps de jouer et sans entrainement, on perd vite le rythme Confused
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-EPO- Moulin à vent
A 2 joueurs ou à 4 EPO s'eclate... du coup son classement aussi mais c'est une joli feinte : on le sous-estime, il revient et pique à la pointe de sa loco... bon, par contre coté forum il a plus de mal mais quand il écrit, c'ets hilarant (super resumé mister Wink
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

LA plus belle progression dans l'equipe des White TGV : une bonne humeur communicative (même si parfois on se demande si ce n'ets aps juste la touche qui est restée coincée dans le clavier) et si elle avait les nerfs un peu plus solides, elle serait déjà dans le Top50... ça ne tiens qu'a toi miss Twisted Evil
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Envoyé au casse pipe contre Toutoune contre les Reds TGV, Origami est la plus discrete de toutes les White sur le forum... peut-être parce que'elle est dans les petits papiers du capitaine ? Razz

Voila, reste le plus dur pour ce round 6 : attendre le resultat du match Catalogne vs PES en esperant que les PES vont un peu se reveiller...

Youki: Haha, prutser, you can't win against me. See, i blocked you from the little star in the southwest corner of you screen. There are bots that are better than you!

DumbBot: Blëh.

Bassie: Can't believe this. We are the best gamers of the world. We will play this game and we will win!

Ensign Simpson: Can I play along? Please!

To be continued...
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Re:Interviews Nations Cup 2006 Sat, 21 October 2006 12:29
Reading followers, here he is !

RFAD in person is interviewing for you léachris ( mistress léa for some players Wink )

TEE for all of the white TGV team, will check that all goes fine

RFAD: Hi, you were the captain of the white TGV's in 2005, something to tell us about the NC 2006 ?

léachris : Well, I like watching the games of both French team, I try to come and support French players as often as I can.
French teams are very strong, both will probably be in QF, France will be the champion of this year too, I'm sure of it

TEE: who are the NC players you like the most this year ?

léachris : well, all the TGV players, of course, the are powerful, brilliant, intelligent, gorgeous and I hope we'll meet again this year, like last year, to celebrate the French supremacy !

The "little new" ones are wonderful, I admire their competitively!

My heart is for the white of course Wink

nicole-vindemoselle : allezzzz les whitesssssssssssss mdrrrrr

Krill before the match : oh, I'm so bad today ; I'm sure I'll lose, noooo

Krill after the match : Yesssssssss, I won

D&G-ch-du-Brel : D & G, D or G, I'm the one with the double personnality Smile

ggfabi : Sorry if I'm almost never online, I just moved and can't find my computer in the boxes

Nighteye I'm a computer specialist, not a TTR specialist Wink And don't forget : SMS is dangerous for your health Laughing

-EPO- Moulin à vent : Don Quijote is my model , I try, and I manage to bring down all the windmills ( moulins à vent )

Origami-Rocamadour : Darling, kids are in bed, you can play your matches.But why don't I play more in the tournament ?

TEE: and who will take care of the kids , the cooking, and the house ?

Origami-Rocamadour : ok darling .... Sad

léachris : the last white player has a special place in my heart, he was my pupil; he is my good conscience, my Geminy Cricket, he's my scapegoat, I'm his spacegoat Wink we are very alike in many things Smile

TEE: Only the whites ?

léachris : The reds have my support !

elric: red, red, someone said red ? Hello red fans !
Elric, Cool "Red TGV" forever Cool

kotay: yoooooooooooooo ^^

Did you see my chiriii ??

TEE: which one ? oops Wink

allia: I'm here for my husband, he can't come now, he's playing with hugo

toutoune : luck is back, I feel better Smile

f0uyaya??? fouyaya ??? fuyaya ??? his nick itself is a mystery Smile

néozen : hello léa ! it's been such a long time I've not played with one of your accounts, let's play !

xavtrax : I don't feel well today, look at my face; isn't there something strange ?

fandangorumbazepolka : no no no léa, I'll never answer your question : you'll never know if our birthdays are the same Smile

RFAD: no other players ?

léachris : well, appreciate the twins

RFAD: the twins ???

léachris : peter and baron of course !!! Very Happy

RFAD: who else ?

léachris : hm; it's hard to say, I still admire the nice and good ones , the ones with which I began in this game, the ones who played unrated games during the last 10 months with me , the ones I feel close to : womble, streetcar, angel, the lele girls , rolli, nanni ( that I met on GoF)
But I've been out of this community for a too long time, hard to keep contacts you know !

And I'm filled with admiration for thadd, she's so patient and clever, not easy with all these issues

TEE: Don't you regret not to play and lead a team this year ?

léachris : No, it was a choice, no more stress for me, no tournaments, no points , peace .......

RFAD: Really ? Aren't you a competitor ?

léachris : No, not really but I was in the top 15, enough for me ....

TEE: Do you appreciate the way I lead the whites ?

léachris : *

TEE: Léachris ?

léachris : *

RFAD: léa, are you there ?

léachris : *

TEE: Léachris ?

léachris : Sorry, I was thinking Wink

I appreciate all that you do for the team, you do it almost as well as I did Wink

We are collegues, we have the same way to behave Smile

RFAD: You don't post much anymore on the competitive forum , why do some players still speak about you ?

léachris : some players ??? No, ONE player, the german one, yes .
I'll tell you something : he secretly loves me even if he knows he has no chance with me : I won't accept to de dominated, I wait for him to be more docile Wink
He tried to seduce me in a leather suit , he bought me a whip, but I still don't know who will use it Laughing

RFAD: doesn't he want the rest of the community to know it ?

léachris : he's afraid of the Italian mafia, he said it lately on the forum Wink

RFAD: Italian mafia ?? You have italian roots; is he afraid of you ???

léachris : not of me Laughing
but yes, I have Italian, russian and irish roots, that's probably the reason why I'm so suspicious, I know evil is all around the world.
Even in the French teams, all players are from a secret organisation

TEE: French players??

léachris : Of course, How do you think they are so powerful ?

TEE: we need proofs, tell us !

léachris : Hm ,it's not a scoop, that's the famous german investigator who discovered it and revealed it to the world in a previous post

RFAD: Laughing the post in which I am Mister X ?

léachris: yes, that one !

RFAD: It was a joke !!!

léachris : oh noooooooooooooooooo, a joke ?? I was sure it was true, one more proof of the world's conspiracy, and it was a joke, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

RFAD: do you really think there is a conspiracy ?

léachris : of course there is !!!
The all world tries to dominate the all world ( oups, not possible Laughing )

TEE: well, I think you're not serious anymore...
And what about the multi accounts, is it true you think there are many ?

léachris: I don't think , I'm sure of it.
Personnaly, I do have 25 accounts, and I know I'm an example for soooooooooo many players, It's obvious that all of them did the same :

TEE: 25 accounts ????

léachris: yes ! all were during one month in the top 100, 5 of them playing in the NC 2006 in 3 different teams

TEE: I don't believe that, you're laughing at all the readers

And will you say the names of the other multi account players ?

léachris : No I never said names , but I said to some of these players that I knew who they were

RFAD: Some people think that you're a liar, a paranoiac ? are you ?

léachris: I never lied, only made mistakes.
Am I paranoiac ? I don't know, but I'm very distrustful, for sure. And if I hear of someone trying to makes issues, I become so suspicious to that person that I can look paranoiac

RFAD: And did you really threaten a player in the lobby ?

léachris: depends on what "threaten" means for you

"To kill" is very often used on TTR
"you killed me with you first move"; "your oranges ( or brown Laughing ) killed me" "you're a killer": nothing offending

" kill him " or in french " massacre-le " means " make him bite the dust" that's all

What I don't understand is that this player said once that "I had a crush on him, quoting all his brilliance"

For once, It was a wink to him
He said :

In chess, the goal is to kill the king, nothing else matters.

And here, I am the King.

What a better proof of love ?

Sad he didn't realize it and insulted me, as usual

RFAD: did you tell it to DoW ?

léachris: No, I would have done it a long time ago but you know, when he insults me and acts like a gravely offended virgin in the forum, I know it isn't rudeness, it's shyness, he's so fragile, he can't reveal his tender feelings

From now, I'll wait for him to accept my love. I won't give up, I'll always be on his tracks Laughing

RFAD: something else to say to your fans ?

léachris : I love you all, I'll come back, I don't know when but it's sure I'll come back

PS : for the ones who don't know it : tite fée = léachris Laughing
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Star Ticket - The next generation II Thu, 26 October 2006 22:27
Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Gamegeek. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new games, to seek out new tactics and new gameplay, to boldly win where no one has won before.

Cast of characters:

Captain Bassie
Commander "number one" Mudda
Lt. Commander Zeno
Lt. Commander RFAD
Ship's counselor Léachris
Chief medical officer Jac
Security Chief Lieutenant SKM
Ensign Simpson
Romulan Commander Youki

Episode Two: Klingons and Continuum

The crew of starship Gamegeek were invited by the Emperor of the Romulan Empire -- ERPS the First. They are discussing the matter in the command room.

Bassie: As i am the captain i will following this invitation and i suggest that Lt. Commander Zeno, doctor Jac *sweety* and counselor Léachris are joining me.

Léachris: I don't want to appear in this story any longer! At least i am sensing this...

Bassie: You know the rules. You have to double your fee demand for next season and you are out. Commander mudda will have the command during my absence. *crew sighes* Where is he? Why is he not with us?

Zeno: Commander Mudda is currently using Holodeck 7 for some... adult entertainment together with the new cadets Maia and Myas.

Bassie (staring at Zeno): And your... What is your ... doing with Commander Mudda on the Holodeck?

Zeno: Cadet Myas. She is new and very eager i must say.

Bassie: Oh, never mind. And where is my security chief Lieutenant SKM?

Zeno: He is now playing Federation Army V 22 3D Holo.

Bassie: 3D Homo?

SKM (standing behind the captain): Sir, HOLO not HOMO, Sir!

Bassie (after a medical treatment from doctor Jac): Ok, any questions?

A flash in the command room and a middle aged man with receding hairline and a little sturdy figure appears.

R: Ah, mon capitaine, here you are.

Bassie: Security. Intruder. Catch him!

SKM: Sir, no, Sir! It's HIM, Sir. It's R from the DoW-Continuum, Sir.

R: Of course i am, and here is the last PC game of my greatest game of all times of all universes signed by me for you and all your crew members.

ZenO: Excuse me. What is a PC?

Bassie: Your ancestor on the mother's side, Lt. Commander. So you are "R" and i see you have skills beyond our capabilities, but why are you here?

Léachris: I sense this man has supernatural powers - or was it natural superpowers?

R: I am here to warn you of the greatest danger for mankind, the Borgs!

Jac: Sweden?

R: No, a race of assimilating cyborgs who play every game together as they are a collective brainpower.

SKM: CHEATERS! Where are they? Where is my torch?

Bassie: Calm down, Chief! No need for that, now...

R: And to show you the danger I brought to you one specimen, it's ... he's .... she's (don't know) called "Gang Of Four".

Another flash, a woman with many implants appears.

GoF: I am Gang Of Four. Resistance is futile. Prepare to be assimilated.

Commander Mudda appears in command room and sees GoF

Mudda: Yo, what have we here. Another chick. Do you like role playing or why are you dressed like this.

GoF: I am Gang Of Four. Resistance is futile. Prepare to be assimilated.

Mudda: Resistance? What's that? Come on, i show you some room for assimilation.

Mudda and GoF leaving

Bassie: Gosh. The first time i was glad that he is on my ship...

Ensign Simpson: Can I play along? Please!

Bassie: No, you are not old enough. Ok let's beam down to the emperor's castle. Lt. Commander RFAD? Do you hear me?

Krill: Bonjour. Lt. Commander RFAD is currently stuck in a turbo lift. I am Lt. Krill, second engineer, and i am a Krill!

Bassie: What a suprise... Thanks, there is a god out there. Lt. Krill, beam us down!


Bijour bijour!

MERCIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! Ca m'a fait tres plaisir tous les encouragements dans le lobby et ensuite ces petits mots dans notre Funzine à nous tout seul!!!! Nod Nod Nod

Merci à RFAD pour ces bons petits reportages mijotés à petits feux pour qu'on les déguste avec gourmandise.. Laughing Exucusez la comparaison, je viens de me reveiller, j'ai faim, c'est pour ca... Rolling Eyes

Allez, hop, au travail, faut pas chômer, le monde entier attend mes resumés... *euh... eeeeeerrrr... elle prend pas la grosse tête dejà, c'est bien....* Shocked Shocked

1ere manche:
Masimo: Portland phoenix; LA chicago
Krill: LA helena; denver pittsburgh
Ouh lalalala!!! Trop contente la crevette! la combo qui tue tout!!! En plus, il me semble que j'arrive à piocher des noirs et des oranges ce qui est parfait! alors vite vite je pose les noirs! ce qui a l'air de l'embeter mais tant pis pour lui... ensuite il me semble que je pose les verts et comme il a mis les oranges, je me dis, "passe par le haut ma petite, il te restera des rouges+jaunes ou des blancs pour rejoindre en bas.." donc je passe par les 4 rouges et pouf, il pose les jaunes... grrrrrrrrrrrrr... 5 jaunes sur les bras! j'en fait quoi moi! vers phoenix alors.. pouf! 5 de SES blancs Dead mééééééééééé... et mon chemin???? il y pense à mon chemin?... bon ben tant pis, je me relie tant bien que mal et c'est le dernier tour.. alors je compte comme une fourmi.. 82+16+11=109 oui je devine ses obj (et bien meme! Proud ) et pour moi 82+11+10+8=111... ben c'est tout vu! je pioche pas! JACKPOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!
merci RFAD pour les impressions ecrans: (etant paresseuse, et savant que tu etais là, j'ai pas pris... Pirate )

2eme manche:
Masimo: LA NY; denver pittsburgh
Krill: LA Helena (encore?!!!!) ; duluth elpaso et je pioche denver elpaso et calgary phoenix
POUF POUF!!! je pose encore les noirs! je crois bien que je les ai meme mis avec 3 locos... apparemment ca le gene encore... m'en fiche! je crois qu'il a commencé dans les 4 parties (ou au moins 3 d'entres elles Sad ) bref, ca va pour moi je fais mon bonhomme de chemin jusqu'à ce que je veux me relier et faire une boucle en noeud papillon avec 6 jaunes et 5 rouges... aaaaaaargggg! pas de bol!!!! il pose les 6 rien que pour m'embeter... Je jette un petit coup d'oeil et je me dit.. bon, il a 6 dehors, y'a moyen de faire un truc avec 5 jaunes et 4 rouges, c'est moins tip top mais qd meme.. alors comme j'aime pas me contredire, en moins de 2, c'est fait! dernier tour.. je compte.... je devine encore ses obj: 85+21+11=117 et moi: 85+10+10+8=113 oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooon.. la galere... perdre à qq points c'est niet pour moi alors je regarde ma (belle) ligne et je me dis qu'il y a surement pleins d'obj qui sont dessus... je tente ma chance, je pioche! et hop! je vois dejà denver el paso et je souris...Smile mais mais... que vois je aussi? calga phoenix... encore un plus grand sourire... Very Happy Grin Very Happy
désolé masimo, mais je suis qd meme trop fiere! King King

After a short but recreating trip with one of the ship's shuttles, the 4 crew members are standing in the great entrance hall of the romulan castle. Romulan Commander Youki is leading them into the emperors chambers. In the chambers are Emperor ERPS, four men of his royal household and three Klingons.

Youki: Beware, prutsers, what you say. Our emperor is mean and he always finds your weak spots. Was never defeated in trash talk. I lost many gray matter in our fights before acknowledging his superiority.

ERPS: Welcome, dear captain of starship Gamenerd. I see you brought your lovely crew!

Léachris: I sense... nothing, absolutely nothing.

Bassie: It's an honor to meet you Emperor ERPS.

ERPS: Of course it is, of course. Please meet my most trusted advisors: My right hand - some say my dark side (haha) - Rudi69 and Peter De Zeeuw, Baron von Schmidt and thekid. And here some of my guests from the Klingon empire: Commander Anu, Lt. Commander pacmon and Lt. Rogue.

Anu: Millainen sää siellä on?

pacmon: Olut on parempaan kuin mikään muu maailmassa.

Rogue: *snorr

ERPS: They are speaking a language no other race in the universe is able to understand but if you are nice, they will talk to you in the common language. Commander Anu is well known for always fighting for longest and Lt. Commander pacmon is the only player who is able to win a game after drinking a crate of beer and Lt. Rogue is... fighting against narcolepsy.

Bassie: I heard the Romulans are some sort of elitists.

ERPS: Oh, if that's true than we would never consider to invite YOU, right?

Zeno: Malfunction! Malfunction! I am trapped in a logic loop. All cretes are liars. I am crete. Malfunction!

pacmon is hitting Zeno and he works again

pacmon: Numero johon soititte on varattu.

Anu: Kalastus on yksi tylsimmistä urheilulajeista koskaan

Rogue: *snorr

ERPS: You are here because I have a suggestion to make: We play a federations cup of Traveling To Romulus and the winner gets the whole universe. Okay?

Ensign Simpson (via communicator): Can I play along? Please!

Bassie (hitting a button): This is not a decision i can decide. I have to contact earth government first.

Anu: Elämän kysymys on ollakko vaiko eikö olla! Are you a coward, captain? You don't look like a coward to me. We Klingons are in.

Bassie: Okay, we are in!

Jac: Darling! Er, I mean captain! You can't do this.

Bassie: I can! Anu.... sinä olet kuuma pimu!

Jac: What have you said?????? ....

To be continued...

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Re:Interviews Nations Cup 2006 Fri, 27 October 2006 01:14
Nice interviews all, I've laughed a lot reading them. Here's interview of me (after round 6).


Interviewer: Pacmon, you've been a black horse in this year's Nations cup. Is it ok to say that?

Pacmon: What are you talking about??? Your mama was a horse! I'm leaving...

I: No, no!!! I think you misunderstood it! I meant to say that your success has surprised many of the experts.

P: Well, what can I say?

I: Can you tell us what is your secret? Why do you play so much better in the NC games than you usually play?

P: Are you saying that I'm a poor player? Well, if that's what you mean...

I: No, no, no. I just meant to ask that do you play somehow differently in NC than otherwise?

P: Yes.

I: Can you be more spesific?

P: Ok. Usually I play games in whatever mood or condition I'm in but I always prepare for these important NC games. It's an honor for me to get to represent my country. And it's even a bigger honor to represent two countries at the same time. I feel that I am important, you know? For me it's all about being important. It's important to be important, that's very important, you know?

I: Ok, sure. The rumor says that you don't drink alcohol before the NC clashes. Is this true?

P: Yes.

I: Do you usually drink a lot of alcohol?

P: No.

I: So why is everybody on the forum buzzing about your beer drinking habits?

P: Why are you asking that?

I: Well, you know... beer is alcohol and the rumor says that you drink lots of beer.

P: First... Beer is not alcohol. Most of it is water and malt, some of it is hops and yeast. Only about 5 percent of beer is alcohol, you know? And second... I don't drink lots of beer.

I: Why do the people think you drink so much beer if it's not true?

P: You know, it's all relative. I think some german guy said it long time ago. I'm not sure what his name was, though he sounded like a smart fellow. I'm wondering if he's playing T2R too? But back to the business...
There have been only few times in my life that I've thought "Oh boy, I've drunk a lot of beer". My mother and my wife, however, have thought that way more often for some reason I can't really understand.

I: Ok, ok. So shall we forget about beer and move on with the interview?

P: Nope.

I: What do you mean?

P: Why should I forget about beer? Beer means a lot to me. It's important.

I: But the interview was about NC, not about beer. Could we move on with NC?

P: Why didn't you make an interview about beer?

I: I think this is neither time nor a place for it. Can we move on?

P: Ok, if I can have a beer.

I: Ok, ok (sigh) here's a beer. Now, let's move on. Now: Could you reveal our audience the secret why you do so well in NC and you can't make it to the exclusive 1700 club?

P: *BURP!* Aah, this feels better... Ok. The reason is that I motivate myself for the NC matches. The motivation is important.

I: Now that we finally got to the point: How do you motivate yourself?

P: If you must know... I promise myself before every NC match that I get beer after a match only if I win. It has worked so far. Did I mention that I tried an incredible new beer last week? Oh boy, it tasted sooooooooooo gooooooooooooddddaahh!!!

I: Yeah, yeah, yeah (*sigh!* *grunt!*). Please could you forget about the beer for a moment so that we could make this interview?

P: Nope. That beer I will never forget. It was a dark and smooth lager, taste had a hint of liquorice and...

I: Ok, that's it. I've had enough!!! Why do I always get to interview these morons??? The interview is over, I'm leaving! Thanks a lot!!! Bye! [leaving...]

P: You know, you seem to be somewhat tense. Maybe you should have a beer, it sure works for me. Cheers! *BURP!*

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Interview of pacmon - part II Mon, 30 October 2006 21:45
Interviewer: Ok, now we're back for another try to interview FS-pacmon. Congrats, pacmon, your team qualified for the playoffs!

pacmon: Errr... thanks *BURP!*

I: And you finally broke your curse and made it to the 1700. Have you something to say about that?

p: *BURP!* Errr...

I: I see you have been celebrating. Can you tell us what's the reason for this celebration? Qualification or reaching the magical 1700 barrier? Or maybe both together?

p: [*singing (very badly)*] BEER, BEER, BEER, TIDDLY BEER, BEER, BEER, TIDDLY BEER!!! HEY!!!

I: Ok, that's enough for now. We might be back later for another interview. [*walks away shaking his head in desperation*]

p: TIDDLY!!!

P.S. Thx to erps for the "beer, beer, beer" song. It's my new favourite and gave me the idea for this interview so you can blame him instead of me Twisted Evil
Peter de Zeeuw
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Vainqueur Nation Cup AdR 2012

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Nations Cup Interview with D.I.S. (Part 2) Thu, 02 November 2006 17:43
After 7 rounds the Rail Barons did not manage to reach the Quarter Finals of the Nations Cup of 2006. An interview between D.I.S. and DoW's Franck Levebre.

Franck: "Sooo... DIS. Been to any cool Backstreet Boys concerts lately?" *giggles*

Peter: "Wh... hey. I thought this interview was going to be about the Nations Cup. What do the Backstreet Boys have to do with it?"

Franck: "Hihi, grmpf... You're right. Nothing. I'm sorry. Ok, uhhh... Your team, the Rail Barons, ended the last but one in Group A and are thus out of the Nations Cup. Are you disappointed or was it a little to be expected?"

Peter: "I am disappointed. But not in my team: in myself. Besides the Nations Cup I played superior matches, but when it came to the crunch and I HAD to win I was so lost. Most of my matches I didn't even scored above 100. I am very pleased with some of the individual results of our team members though. Most people didn't expect much from us I think - which was in our advantage - because individually we did beat a few big names."

Franck: "Could you give us a short review of the matches you played?"

Peter reminisces:

Round 1: D.I.S. defeats Rogue from FINg-SHUi (3-2)
I started with a 2-0 advantage, but Rogue came back. In the fourth game I could have finished him but I allowed him an extra turn and he ended up beating me 103-102. The matches were tedious and I used a lot of trash talk to kill time. When I watched my games against Rogue again a few weeks later on Erps' website, I must say that Rogue usually plays a lot better. Maybe it was nerves, I don't know. But despite the matches being dreadfully long, I still like Rogue and I still like Finland and would love to visit it someday. These people know how to make metal music!

Round 2: Rolli, team captain of the German Underdog Team (GUT), defeats D.I.S. (3-0)
From this point on my NC ruin began. I usually have little trouble defeating Rolli and I have a very positive winning streak against him. But that Friday, merely two days after my grueling clash with Rogue, I played like a noob. I still can't explain what happened. I just went got a blackout or something. Still, Rolli is 'mein kleiner freund' so I didn't begrudged him his victory. And if I weren't a Rail Baron I would have played for his team anyway.

Round 5: Adriano, team captain of The Underdogs, defeats D.I.S. (3-0)
I wasn't too happy when I was selected to play against Adriano. I have a negative streak against him. Adriano played fast and superior. He dominated me all three games by taking a lot of 6-tracks and finishing extremely fast. I had no chance. And even if I did have one, I didn't see it.

Round 7: Youki from Team Orange defeats D.I.S. (3-0)
The biggest personal disappointment. I was really looking forward to this clash and expected so much from it, but it became a rude awakening for me. I do have to say that against Youki I wasn't so lucky with colors, locos and destination tickets, but still... The only clash I posted a bombastic announcement for on the forum and then I got swept away fast in three unfortunate matches.

Franck: "Of the 8 remaining teams, do you favor anyone in particular?"

Peter: "Hmmm. Yes, Our Laughing Express. They have a very positive and playful attitude and I have a lot of sympathy for players like Shamogi, Masimo, Nayeli, U 31 and Wostwuist. Now that Catalunya is out, I hope they win the Cup."

Franck: "What about last year's winner RED TGV?"

Peter: "Heck no! They're French!"

Franck: "I'm French."

Peter: "You are?"

Franck: "Qui."

Peter: "Oh. Uhm. Well, I like you Franck, I hope you know that. And sure, I do have a weak spot for f0uyaya, Fandangorumbazepolka, Neozen, Toutoune and even Kotay when he isn't busy stealing MY women. But it just would be nice to have a different winner this year."

Franck: "Aha. Ok, fair enough. Thank you for this interview. Any last words?"

Peter (starts sobbing): "Mom, forgive me. I've tried to be a good son but..."

Franck: "About the Nations Cup."

Peter: "Oh. Yeah. Yes, I would like to thank everyone involved. A special thanks to Thadd and Spudamon for directing this Cup and an apology to Thadd for being a bit negative about her in the last interview. She's really a sweet woman. Shamogi and Erps for their super handy websites, my opponents in the NC and of course my team, the Rail Barons, it was great to get to know you guys and gal better and fight side by side with you."

Franck: "Peter, let me ask you one last question. You always say that people shouldn't take this game so serious. But with over 5800 games played, is there life for you besides Ticket To Ride?"

Peter: "O yeah, definitely. Don't let the number of games I've played fool you. I still have time enough to hang out with my friends, play board games, write and relax at home while drinking hot chocolate milk and listen to Hilary Duff. Don't think ju..."

Franck: "HAHAHAHA! Hilary Duff?!"

Peter: "I... I mean... eh... while listening to Iron Maiden of course! Yes, ha, ha. Hilary Duff. Of course not. That would be mega-gay. It... it was a joke of course. Yes, a joke. Ha, ha. Good ol' Peter just keeps on joking. Yes, I fooled you didn't I? Hehe." Embarassed

Franck: "Uh-huh, right. Hahahahaha! Well, thanks a lot for your time, hahahaha!" Laughing

Peter: "..." Sad
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Re:Nations Cup Interview with D.I.S. (Part 2) Tue, 21 November 2006 12:49
Erwin Decker(BILD): Senor Tofra, since you reached the number one spot in Ticket to Ride, what is your mood today?

GTS Tofra: Im feeling fine, especially with our current situation in NC Halffinals...

ED: Yes - not many players thought of a GTS-Team in NC Halffinals but how did it come? You had a bad start in Round Robin!

GTS Tofra: Tic Tac - ufff - tactics u know!?

ED: What is your strategy for the upcomin games?

GTS Tofra: Next step is my man Mudda, sweepin away Adriano as he did in Round Robin, thats half of the rent. Followed by 5-0 versus the selfappointed Underdogs and then (*sings*) "do it to me one more time"...

ED: (*ROFL*) You think GTS will succeed in the NC?

GTS Tofra: I already downloaded the rules of Battle Lore...

ED: Mudda, do You like 1910?

GTS Mudda: I prefer 1904 but I get along with it...

ED: What about your Q4TT - no chance for takin place?

GTS Mudda: Definetely not - due to extreme working sessions - I wouldnt have time for a tourney with even ONE round.

ED: So in case of GTS in Final you are not in the nomination?!

GTS Mudda: I am sry for that, but the games versus Adriano will be the last for me...

ED: Last?! In 2006 I hope...

GTS Mudda: No comment!

ED: Uh - Tofra, your opinion?

GTS Tofra: We didnt talk about that yet but its sad when youre facing reality...

ED: Are there offers from Team Austria to join the "Wiener Bande" again?

GTS Tofra: We already discussed about an AXIS OF EVIL (AOE) for next years NC, You know this German-Austrian thing is kind of tradition... Very Happy

ED: I see. You worry me!

GTS Mudda: You bet!

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Re:Interviews Nations Cup 2006 Fri, 24 November 2006 18:07
After the stunning german success with 4 teams in the semifinals of this years NC, we spoke with the 4 captains and some other members of the teams about the NC and their teams.

Moderator I welcome hereby the captains of the 4 remaining german teams: Sebbo from ReThink, Tofra from GTS, Adriano from the Underdogs and Masimo from Team OLE. Do you mind if we do this interview in english, because our international community is widely interested in the outcome of the german cup 2006, er Nation cup 2006.

Sebbo Yes

Tofra Ja

Adriano Hä?

Masimo OLE!

Moderator Splendid, so it is english! Two of the teams have already lost in the semifinals and we are looking forward to see GTS and ReTHINK in the final. First the questions to the captains of the losing teams: Are you sad or is it accepting the inevitable ?

Masimo OLE! Big party it was, hm? We are happy to be in semifinal. We lost against the strongest opponent of course. So no bad feelings.

Adriano Very sad. See our team was SOOO unlucky the whole time, especially me! Tell me, how in the world you can win with Vancouver Montreal and Seattle New York against such unbeatable tickets as Kansas City Houston and Boston Miami? 3 times?

Mudda I had Portland Phoenix and Chicago Santa Fe.

Adriano That's my favorite combination! Wonderful. But Van-Mon and Sea-NY?

Moderator Welcome MuddaIhrSohn aka Golden Mudda aka Mudda aka GTS Mudda aka MuddaAndDeaWhatHappenedReallyInVienna aka BiggestMouthOfTTR aka LovesSchalke04

Sebbo Yep, 0:4 that's your score for final.

Mudda Ah the great sebbo himself, always twisting the truth. How is the impeachment proceeding of erps going?

Sebbo There will be no such thing. Everything is under cont... is fine. We love each other. Er. Metaphorically speaking!

erps (in background*) Fishing?

Tofra Yes!

Moderator Tofra, there is some rumors that you will not play rated in final due to some personal problems?

Tofra Yes, see, i have a medical certificate that says that it is not possible for me to play open rated games in final. It's a tremor in the forefinger, i always have to cklick on the checkbox unrated and closed. I tried all things, even other games and maps and variants. No chance. And it's highly contagious. Got it from Whitetrain and Anu a few weeks ago.

Masimo So it's cureable. I heard they play rated again...

Sebbo Is there any confirmation from reliable sources?

Whitetrain Of course i play always rated now and it is an honour to give my points to other better playing players all the time!*

Adriano The game is pure luck. Not if i am winning, of course! So Whitetrain and Tofra are only the luckiest players in the world. Together with thekid.


Moderator Oh! Are two minutes over? Security! Throw him out of this interview please... Thank you!

All OLE!

Moderator Now the question for both finalists: Who will win the Nations Cup?

Mudda We. No doubt about that. We are better, stronger, meaner and more handsome. See, i can sky diving from thousands of metres and they, they can nothing!

erps (in background*) One of our politicians thought so, too....

Sebbo Germany!

Tofra ReTHINK will win. We will smash GTS in pieces.

Mudda Are you nuts? We are GTS, THEY are ReTHINK!

Tofra We are GTS? I thought... Who was our opponent in semifinal?

Adriano We, you lucky [bips] and this victory was sooooooooo undeserved.

All Shut up!!!!!!

Moderator Ehm! Ehm! Any finals words for the international teams you beat so badly in the tournament?

Masimo It was nice to play and win against them. They have all so great players and i think they deserve to win against us.

Adriano hmmm, hmmmm, mmmhh

Mudda We may have lost our cojones but at least we KNOW it!

Sebbo They said after the games: "You beat our best players!". I say, "If you say so?"

Tofra We have beaten non german teams?

Moderator Thank you very much. See you all next year in Semifinal!*

* not really realistic

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Re:Interviews Nations Cup 2006 Fri, 24 November 2006 18:24
Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing

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Re:Interviews Nations Cup 2006 Sat, 25 November 2006 04:15
Laughing Laughing

I have enjoyed this thread!

Good luck to both teams. I will root for GTS because they are the team that beat us, but both are deserving. Razz
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