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  The MP Game (a new way to play at 2) Fri, 16 March 2007 12:21
n.b. : if my English is bad, thanks to translate this thread/message/topic in german or in english.

Hello everybody !

I thought at a new way to play at 2 in the TTR : the MP game (I know : i'm modest Razz).

Both The players must realize... the same tix (tickets) (lol). How !?!!?? Smile

- Simple ! First, the game must be played at the "unrating" mode.
- Then, both the players choose the 2 tix.
For example :
- The player 1 says : "Helena"
- The player 2 answers : "Charleston"

Here is the first tix : "Helena-Charleston" (13 points because the shortest way is 13 wagons).

- Now, it's The player 2's turn to begin : "Saint-Louis"
- The player 1 chooses : "Los Angeles"

2nd tix : "Saint-Louis_Los Angeles" (14 points)

Consequently, if both the players made the 2 tix, they'll have 27 points each one.

Obviously, a rule minimum must be written to make a tix and to avoid all ones with 1 point (Nashville-Atlanta, etc.) and the almost impossible tix (Montréal-LA & Vancouver-Miami). The players are free to decide it. Here are 2 pieces of advice :
- Tix6-15 means that the tix must be between 6 and 15 points (wagons) minimum : not Denver-ElPaso (only 4 wagons).
- Tix>3 means that the tix must be realized with 3 turns minimum. For example, it's forbidden to succeed nashville-Toronto by making nashville-Pitt and Pitt-toronto (only 2 turns). For against, Nash-Raleight-Pitt-Toronto or Nash-SaintLouis-Chicago-Toronto are OK (3 turns).
- Tix6-15>3 : tix between 6 and 15 wagons and with 3 turns minimum for each tix.

The others rules are unchanged (the longest way, schedule of points).

The better is that both of the players do 2 games with the same tix, each one beginning once. But there is a problem. How ?
- For the first game, let the computer to decide.
- If in the 2nd game, it's the same player who begins, this last one will have to take a tix.
And the turn is played if I can say it !

At the end, the scores will be surely awful : 70 à 55 ! (lol !)

Try ! Perhaps, it will be boring, bad like idea or great, "Marteau" (in french, marteau = crazy Smile

I hope to observe a "MP game" between 2 good players. I feel that I will be "lol" (block, double blocks Smile))

Have fun Wink
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Re:The MP Game (a new way to play at 2) Sun, 28 October 2007 02:01
Sounds interesting. Who will write the software? I thought marteau meant hammer?


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