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Captain Hook question Sun, 30 September 2007 22:10
rules state that 'If hook misses in his attack, but rolls one if the assigned numbers, then that player takes the hit.'

Does this mean that if Hook roll a 5 or 6, then only the original target is hit? or does any dice rolled, that is not a 5 or 6, have the potential to hit another pirate at the island?

My uncertainty is about the term 'misses in his attack'. Would any dice have to miss for the special power to come into play or would _all_ dice have to miss?

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Re:Captain Hook question Mon, 01 October 2007 17:48
Before the combat, if any other pirates are on that same island, they are assigned a number. If only 1 other pirate is there, then only "1" is assigned. If two players, "1" and "2" etc.

Then the die is rolled. Whatever number it is, is a hit on the pirate. So if you only had 2 other pirates on the same island, only a 5 or a 6 would hit the original target. A 1 or 2 would hit either the first or seconf pirate, respectively (thus "missing" the original target but "hitting" the innocent by-standards). And a roll of 3 or 4 is a complete miss (missing the original target and the by-standards as well).
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Re:Captain Hook question Sat, 17 October 2009 19:01
I have a question. If I have the battle card that says that I can only be hit by 6, and I use it with the Captain Hook pirate, and I'm not the target ( let's say I have assigned the numer 2 to hit me ), this means that I can't be hit by him? I couldn't find in rules something to respond to this question.
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Re:Captain Hook question Mon, 19 October 2009 00:10
I don't think this is definately clear in the rules
I would usually play this so that this would not apply.
The smokescreen card suggests to me that it is used for direct hits. In this case the shot is a missed shot that randomly hits another player so I would suggest that the spirit of the card you would still be hit.

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