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Scriptorium Cards with a star usage Thu, 10 January 2008 23:18
Are the cards you pick up in the Scriptorium with a star single use or can you use their affect from that time forward on multiple turns?

And, when calculating the number of cards in your hand for determining access to the library, do they scriptorium cards (and others) count against that total or is it only suspect cards? Or only Scriptorium cards?


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Re:Scriptorium Cards with a star usage Fri, 11 January 2008 17:09
A Scriptorium card with a Star is placed face down in front of you and used when appropriate. The ones without a Star are played immediately. Unless otherwise state don the card, all Scriptorium cards should be one time use only.

Since Starred Scritporium cards are placed face down on the table, the ONLY cards in your hand should be suspect cards. So when doing calculations based on number of cards in hand, it is only the suspects that you have.
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