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New website and preorders! Tue, 20 July 2010 12:44

Well, well, a new web site, downloadable rules and preorders...

That's worth one point!

Fictionaire is now available for preorder... Book your copy on our online store!

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Re:New website and preorders! Thu, 22 July 2010 09:08
Will there be no chance for a german version? Sad


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Re:New website and preorders! Thu, 22 July 2010 21:53
A game like this requires a TON of work to localize, as we discovered with Gambit 7. Because it's not just a matter of translating content, but actually adapting and creating new content to best fit the local culture.

In addition, the German market for "Party" games like this has been less than inspiring for many years, sales-wise, from what we could tell from the outside.

So while I will not say never (the game might be so successful in other countries that we end up deciding to produce a German version) I am afraid it's unlikely for the time being.
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