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Rules Clarification Sat, 21 August 2010 20:34
When I learned the game initially I was taught that once you passed during a cycle (until someone had won the trick) you could NOT get back into the play. While playing online I found this to not be true as you can pass and the next time it's your turn you can jump back in if you want.

For example:

Player 1 - plays the 5G
Player 2 - plays the 8R
Player 3 - plays the 9R
Player 4 - Passes (but has the Dragon in his hand)
Player 1 - Plays the 10G
Player 2 - Plays the 10R
Player 3 - Plays the Red Phoenix
Player 4 - Can he get back into the game and play the Dragon or does his status remain passed for this cycle/round???

I've tried to find where in the rules it might clarify the issue and could not find one. What are the "official" rules that should be played by?
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Re:Rules Clarification Mon, 23 August 2010 19:02
official rules are... the online rules Wink
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Re:Rules Clarification Wed, 01 September 2010 02:47
Thank you! The more I've played the more I like that rule. It takes the fun out of the game if you pass and couuldn't get back in whenever you want...
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