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Discerning Cargo Noir: Game Trailers Say A Lot! Tue, 11 January 2011 03:05
Wow, its been a while since I have been on a Days of Wonder forum. Just so everyone knows, my inspiration for talking extensively about a game with so little information so far is this: ption-rewind-theater?objectid=94314

Its fun for me trying to speculate what a boardgame that I think is going to be good is all about, before we have full disclosure. Having said that, I really now have had a chance to discern all 5 videos on Cargo Noir as a whole.


1. At the 0:53 mark of Episode 1 you can see the side of the box that reveals a little bit more about the theme.

The subtitle reads: "Trafficking in Troubled Waters"

Based on this we are now able to roughly discern the game is about trafficking illicit wares.

2. From Video 1 we are able to pinpoint the setting to the mid-1950's.

3. Probable locations in the game: New York (Episode 1 and 2) Morocco (Episode 2) Bombay, India (Episode 2) China (Episode 3), South Africa (Episode 5), Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (Episode 5), Panama (Episode 5)... and possibly Monaco? (Episode 5)

4. Some of the wares to be smuggled?: Radioactive Material (Episode 1) Liquor (Episode 3) Cars (Episode 3) Diamonds & Gems (Episode 3) Ivory (Episode 3) Cigars (Episode 3) Paintings (Episode 3)

5. Possible Characters Represented: Mafia Guy, Female Operative, The Don, Chinese Kingpin, Another Female Character (Sophisticate), Shiek, Tough Sailor Captain, Male Spy, Female Asian Operative, Mexican Smuggler

6. There looks to maybe be a bidding element to the game. (Episode 2)

7. A casino element that may indicate the ability to gamble for more money? (Episode 3)

8. Notice the ship at the start of Episode 4. Its registry is "Nights of Wonder" LOL

9. Possible Methods of Play:

By Ship (Episode 1 & 4), Warehousing (Episode 4), Hijacking Trucks? (Episode 4), Submarine (Episode 5)

10. The game designer is Serge Laget and illustration is Miguel Coimbra I believe.

From the trailer it appears elements of time happen in close proximity to each other. Judging from the multiple locations, I think a gameboard represented by a worldish type map, may be in order.

Days of Wonder certainly gives you enough clues about the game. I just had to look harder. Very cool trailer concept!

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