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March 2011
Rules question about bidding on cargo the final round Mon, 14 March 2011 14:57
We just got Cargo Noir yesterday and had a fun time playing a couple of times. We were glad to see it was designed to work for only 2 people as well since my wife and I often find ourselves unable to play some of our favorite games without getting everyone together!

One question - when you come to the last round, how does the bidding work? We might just have missed it, but we found ourselves stuck in the following situation:

On the second to last turn:

Player B bids 3 coins on Port X when "sending ships out"
Player B ends turn

On the last turn
Player A would like to win Port X and has 5 coins to bid

At this point, would Player A just be trying to make Player B bid it up or lose it? Because there doesn't seem to be any way for Player A to win that port at that point.

This seemed a particular problem if Player B had bid on all of the open ports on the second to last round, effectively locking player A out of getting any cargo in the last turn?

We might be missing something, but any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, we love your games!

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Re:Rules question about bidding on cargo the final round Mon, 14 March 2011 20:05
On the last turn you can not win ports unless you already have ships there. So on the second to last turn you have to plan ahead for this.

The only point in sending ships to ports on the last turn is to stop other players already present there in getting the cargo there.

But there is a down side to this because you can use coins in the last turn to help buy victory spoils cards.
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