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Small World Rule Clarification Mon, 09 April 2012 02:25
Hi, I recently picked up Small World and my friends and I have been loving it! The rules seem pretty clear for the most part, however we were unsure as to what happens in one situation. If all your active race's tokens are discarded due to attacking players, what happens? Are you considered to be in decline and get to choose a new race in your next turn, or do you still have to spend a turn going into decline?

Edit: After rereading the rules again, it appears that you must spend a turn putting your units into decline. That said, I welcome anyone that can prove me wrong, as I want to be playing as legitimately as possible.

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Re:Small World Rule Clarification Mon, 09 April 2012 04:01
Welcome to the game of Small World and to this Days of Wonder community! It's always great to welcome new people and help them figure out these great games. In the future, you might want to direct your questions to the forum dedicated to the game you're curious about. Small World has a forum over here. You'll get a lot more people who know the game if you post on the specific forum instead of the general one.

About your question...I'm afraid you read the rules right. Razz You would have to spend a turn going into decline and then hope that you get a good race that can get you back into the game!! Very Happy

Enjoy Small World and keep the questions coming! Cool
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