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DoW failing the colorblind in iOs TTR Tue, 21 August 2012 03:40
Ticket to Ride was a great addition to my ipod. Colors are always hard, especially when you have 9 card colors, its hard to not make them appear similar, but like in the real game, the cards are easy to differentiate because of the train shape and the colors actually are quite different. The rectangles on the board are more difficult, but simply memorizing them is an acceptable option in this case.

The biggest problem is the colour of train pieces. The green/yellow and blue/purple combinations are completely indecipherable. Even when zooming and carefully studying them I can not tell them apart with the added variance of the shading. I took to only playing 3 players games because of this, which fixes the problem but doesnt make for as exciting of a game.

When Europe came out, I thought this would have been an easy fix for DoW, but alas, upon downloading it yesterday, I've realised the exact same problem exists. I can only play 3 player games in Europe and 2 player games in Switzerland lest be utterly confused. I know people have complained about this in the past. While I have had problems with dozens of other games in the past, this is the first I have felt I'd complain about because I love the game so much.

Its a pretty simple fix that will help the 5-7% of guys who are color blind enjoy your game more. Working with shades can work wonders. If 9 cards can have significantly different colors, so can 5 trains.
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Re:DoW failing the colorblind in iOs TTR Thu, 20 September 2012 16:30
Designing for colourblind players is a bit tricky as there are several types, each of which has issues with different colour combinations. There are, however, some great tools out there to help. Vischeck, for example, allows you to upload images and see what they would look like to people with the three main types.
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